Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “The Miller’s Daughter” – A Mother’s Love

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 16 "The Miller's Daughter" (6)
Ding, dong, the witch is…spoiler alert! Yes, though it seems likely that Regina’s mama will find a way to magically cheat death, it seems as if Snow White fulfilled her promise to kill Cora in “The Miller’s Daughter,” this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

Am I the only one who totally doesn’t have a problem with this? Sure, it was a touch on the dark side for Snow, and she immediately regretted tricking Regina into restoring Cora’s heart after Snow used the magic life-swapping candle on Rumple and Cora that she wasn’t able to use as a child to save her mother’s life, but so freaking what? This is a war between good and evil; all bets are off! We don’t condemn soldiers for the lives they take in battle. I think we can give Snow a pass on taking out a woman who was just about to take Rumple’s place as the Dark One.

Not that she’s going to give herself the same break. And for sure Regina isn’t. Remember what she did to Snow when she only inadvertently caused the death of someone Regina loved? Now she had a direct and purposeful hand in “killing” Cora…it might be time for Snow to grab a magic scarf and get the hell out of Storybrooke.

At least they managed to save Rumple, and in what he thought would be his dying moments, he got to confess his love to a still-memory wiped Belle, and finally reconcile with his son. We also learned that those two were not the only people Rumple ever loved. He also had quite a thing with a young Cora (Rose McGowan, who was the perfect younger version of Barbara Hershey as their plastic surgery endeavors almost match up). They met when she needed to spin straw into gold in order to marry a prince and get revenge on a young princess (Snow’s mother) who humiliated her. (Maybe losing the prince to a commoner made Snow’s mama the paragon of virtue she was in her later years? Otherwise, it’s pretty big character continuity fail to have her go from bitch to saint in a few years. Plus…isn’t there a bit of a time discrepancy here if she’s that much older than Regina?)

Regardless, Rumple fell for the young, feisty Cora, but she wanted power more, so she ripped out her own heart, explaining why she could do all the terrible things she did in order to get Regina on the throne, and why she never really loved her daughter.

That’s why I think that no matter what “bad” things Snow or anyone else does in the name of good, they’re not really in any danger of becoming evil until they become invested in the acquisition of power. In this universe, that seems to be where good turns into bad. Let’s just hope that Emma’s successful experience with casting magic doesn’t lead her down that path.

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