Being Human (UK) Series 5 Finale Review “The Last Broadcast” — And So It Ends

The aptly titled ‘The Last Broadcast’ saw Being Human finally come to an end after five series and seven main cast members. What started out as a series about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost sharing a house and fighting the forces of evil (sometimes within themselves) ended the only way it ever could — with a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost defeating the ultimate big bad and becoming human once again.

This final episode had some brilliantly poignant moments, such as the trio being forced to choose between lives they have wished for and a fight with the devil himself, and the dawning realisation that they are all truly human. Perhaps the most affecting was the final shot representing characters past that we loved: Mitchell’s fingerless gloves, Annie’s teacup, George’s Star of David pendant, Nina’s pregnancy scan image, baby Eve’s bib. Tacked on at the end there were symbols of what has been lost from the world — and from Hal and Tom’s lives — in a stake and werewolf. Perfect.

That’s not to say that the episode overall was flawless. While the outcome was fantastic and I loved Rook’s redemption, the battle for the future of the world was arguably lacklustre. The devil rising lead to a spate of suicides in Wales (how did the media explain that away?), a crazy old ‘captain’ seemingly having a breakdown on live television, and then a half-hearted showdown in Honolulu Heights.

After five weeks of wondering what sort of near-unstoppable evil the devil was going to unleash upon his rising, the reality was perhaps even less worrisome than the finales of previous series. The vampires last series seemed like a bigger threat than the devil, and at least they went out in a blaze of glory.

Even so, Being Human definitely ended on a high. It has been a fantastic show, one that has made this reviewer laugh and cry in equal measure, and I’ll miss it a hell of a lot. We may not have seen Annie, George and Mitchell get their happily ever afters on screen, dear reader, but at least the series ended with the prospect of a happily ever after for the Being Human-verse at large.

We couldn’t have hoped for a much better ending than that.

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