Nikita Season 3 Review “Reunion”

Nikita Season 3 Episode 13 Reunion (1)

Every so often, Nikita has one of those weeks where logic takes a holiday, leaving big, gaping logic hole in its wake. ‘Reunion’ is one of those episodes, but the continued narrative extended from last week keeps it entertaining despite how little sense some of the characters’ actions make.

After finding out what Ari wanted his money for, the central focus of this week’s episode is on his son, Stefan (played by Awake’s Dylan Minette), currently being protected by German bodyguard Krieg. Everyone either wants to protect or to kill Stefan, so the race is on to capture the kid before another faction gets their clutches on him. The trouble is, Krieg is really good at his job, and Nikita’s rash decision to throw him off a rooftop while he’s trying to protect his charge means that she’s perceived as just as much of a threat as Amanda and her goons are.

Cue the titular reunion, which sees Nikita and Amanda actually having to work together. This is where the fun of the episode lies, since we’ve spent so long with the two ladies trying to one-up each other remotely that it’s great to see them in the same room together. Thinking themselves in grave, insurmountable danger also means that they have some frank and honest conversations, and we get a few hints about Amanda’s past. She reminds Nikita that Alex will probably leave or betray her at some point, and Nikita insists that Division didn’t ‘make’ her into the person she is today, but it’s possible that Amanda knows exactly what she’s talking about.

There’s even some rivalry going on back at the office, with Owen growing increasingly tired of Michael’s babysitting. He’s right in saying that the mission to take down Amanda is far too personal for Owen, who is still as desperate as ever to find his missing past, and he just proves him right with his stupidly aggressive, and useless, encounter with Ari. He doesn’t seem to know what Owen used to be, except or a soldier of some sort, and it looks as if he’s going to have to go straight to the source. But now he’s been benched, with Owen get the quality time with Amanda that he needs before she’s taken down?

But we’ve still got miles to go before that happens and, with Alex missing, we can assume that Amanda is going to continue to act as the main antagonist until the end of season three. Next week we’ll see Nikita and the gang try to trade Ari for Alex, but will this be enough? So far, the heavily serialized narrative of this run of episodes has proved to be gripping viewing, but sadly makes the threat of cancellation ever-more present. For fans, this show is brilliantly dense and well-thought out every single week, but casual viewers really have no chance of getting hooked if they aren’t already.

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