Grimm Season 2 Review “Face Off”

The black cat is out of the bag. Nick knows that his boss, Renard, has been romancing Juliette and he is definitely not happy. His day is just going to get worse when he finds out that Renard has been snooping around Aunt Marie’s trailer and that he’s found the key in Nick’s desk.

It seems like a long time since we saw Nick in Monroe’s house, discovering that his boss was the other man in Juliette’s life. Fortunately, we pick up exactly where we left off and Nick was ready to take on Renard. It was hard to watch Renard enter Nick’s house with Juliette. I was really hoping that Nick wouldn’t back down and would break down the door, gun drawn. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and the situation was allowed to play out. Even though Juliette is under a spell, I hope that Nick will be able to get past picturing her with Renard once the spell is broken. Juliette has never been one of the strongest characters on the show, but Nick’s love for her balances out the violent things he has to do as a Grimm.

I realized last night that one of the things I like most about Grimm is not just its dark tone and monsters, but also the fact that it is still a fairy tale. I was fully anticipating that Renard and Juliette were going to get together and was happy when they didn’t. That would have been too dark a turn and something more fitting for a soap opera than Grimm. Nick is still the good guy and in fairy tales, the good guys may take their licks, but they don’t get completely screwed over.

I was glad to see Rosalee finally return from her aunt’s house. She brings a great dynamic to the relationship between Monroe and Nick. The two men can easily panic, and she is often a soothing voice of reason. It also seemed fitting that as the person with the least connection to Juliette, she would have the emotional distance to see past the liaison and realize that Renard’s access to a magic potion had significant meaning.

If Nick is going to be entrusted with sacred responsibilities and secrets, he needs to work on his stealthiness. It’s been surprising that someone hasn’t found Aunt Marie’s trailer long before now. It wouldn’t have been that hard – stake out Nick or Monroe and follow them to the trailer. Also, while it makes some sense that Nick would have hidden the key at work rather than in the trailer, it wasn’t exactly a secure hiding place.

When we finally got the big confrontation between Nick and Renard, it was less satisfying than I thought it would be. I think that is because Renard gave Nick the key back. I am still on the fence about Renard, and I think that’s where the show creators want us to be. He was menacing at the beginning of the show, but now we know that he’s working with the resistance and hiding the key from Adelind. Does that make him good? Speaking of Adelind, I am ready for Nick to wipe that smug look off her face – again. She’s a great villain, but it’s time for another comeuppance.

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