Glee Season 4 Review “Girls (and Boys) on Film”

So we’re finally back in Lima, Ohio and its safe to say that we have A LOT of questions that need answering, stat. Is Rachel pregnant? If so, who’s the daddy? Will Finn come clean to Will about his kiss with Emma? Will the new New Direction-ers ever be as interesting as the original cast? Glee is back on our screens, but ‘Girls (and Boys) on Screen’ doesn’t live in the safe haven of jaunty music and dancing that we once knew so well.

No, the adult world has well and truly intruded on these young lives, with Rachel cooking a bun in the oven, Santana theorising that Brody could be a drug dealer, and Finn agonising over his mistake with his best friend’s girl. These aren’t kids anymore, but they certainly aren’t adults, either. The mistakes they make are bigger, and the consequences that come with them can’t be solved by going to a teacher or talking to an understanding parent.

Starting with Rachel, we still don’t have one hundred per cent confirmation of her pregnancy. Sure, her conversation with Santana certainly suggested as much, as did her discomfort with her pressing film choices and the observation that she was looking a little chubby, but it’s important to note that the show hasn’t had her say the words “I’m pregnant” yet. If she is, I’d really like to see her doing something about it, and Santana seems like the perfect friend to help her through those difficult decisions.

Santana has always been a fantastic character, but her presence in New York this week added so much to the storyline. Had it just been Rachel and Kurt watching Moulin Rouge in their loft, the scene wouldn’t have held the same energy at all. She’s brilliant at calling her friends out on their crap, and both of them have plenty to go around at the moment. Rachel is pregnant at 19 and might not even know who the father is, and Kurt is fantasising about his ex-boyfriend while a very dishy, and very interested, new guy sits beside him.

What’s your verdict on Adam? Though we all know that Klaine are endgame, there’s nothing wrong with having a likeable stand-in to develop the character during a break-up period. It’ll be a while before they can regain what they lost at the beginning of this season so I, for one, have absolutely no problem with seeing Kurt learn to love someone else in the meantime. With Brody looking all types of shady, it’s also refreshing to see a nice outsider enter their protected lives. He’s talented, passionate and kind, which is just what Kurt needs at the moment. I can even look past his overly-posh English accent (that isn’t what people from Essex sound like btw – I live there).

Will, under good-natured duress from Finn and the other glee clubbers, goes to Emma’s house and tries her win her back with a spot of serenading. It works, to an extent, as they decide that they can take things slow and get to know each other again. I don’t quite buy Emma’s excuse for running out on him at the church, and feel that Will has been ludicrously understanding throughout, but I guess the show needed some drama between them. Even though he doesn’t have to, I was pleased to see Finn coming clean to his friend about the kiss, and I think it shows some growth in the character at last.

But is this the end of yet another bromance? Male friendships don’t seem to last long on this show and, with Ryder and Jake presumably also on the scrapheap after Marley’s similar revelation in this episode, we’re back to zero. Can’t girls be friends with girls or guys be friends with guys, without one of them trying to steal the other’s love interest? I realise it’s not the usual thing for teen dramas, but this is just depressing.

The episode, however, isn’t depressing at all, with the quality of previous week ‘I Do’ carrying over with the development of some juicy storylines. Disregarding the high school drama at McKinley, which I’m really starting to resent, I love how our characters are having to face real problems from the real world, instead of dance teacher rivalries and internships at Vogue. If this continues, season four might actually become the new chapter it promised to be, and having Santana now a permanent fixture in NYC will only help that.

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