Exclusive Interview: Reggie Lee aka Sgt Wu Talks Grimm Season 2 Returning Episodes

Grimm is coming back to NBC this March, and TV Equals had a fun time talking with Sergeant Wu himself, Reggie Lee, about his role on the show, what fans can look forward to from this new action-packed season and a brief conversation about a very risque moment coming up on the show. Grimm airs March 8 at 9/8c.

Grimm is coming back, which is very exciting for a lot of people.

Reggie Lee: Yeah. Thank God it’s coming back! Three months off!

What will Sargent Wu be up to this season?

Reggie Lee: This particular season, especially at the tail end of this season, there’s a lot of action and we get into a lot. This [upcoming] episode…is just whip-action from one [thing] to the next. Everything comes to a head, especially between the captain and Nick. I am the first one at the scene…at Juliette’s house and, boy, there are literally and figuratively cracks in the wall. So I [as Sargent Wu] don’t know what the hell has happened, but we get to figure it out. There are a lot of alliances that have formed between us and a lot that are torn down. So Sargent Wu gets very much into the action–a lot of the fighting action, a lot of the action coming up in the last part of the season.

I just did several stunts last week. The email that I got in my inbox, “Reggie, are you afraid of really high heights?” and I said, “What kind of really high heights?” And they said, “Oh, it’s not that high. It’s only several stories high.” But, it’s fun…it’s kind of been Nick and Hank doing a lot of that stuff and I’m kind of feeding them the information and helping them solve crimes and all that kind of stuff, but now…as we go on, there’s no way they can do it without integrating everyone into the action. The mythology is a whole other thing because I think Sargent Wu is the only one out of the loop within the entire cast…I think he’s kind of oblivious, but all of that kind of makes him fun and funny to play…It’s a nice balance to the show. But I can tell you that Sargent Wu does see creatures coming up, in their true form, and how he reacts to that, you’ll just have to wait and find out.

Okay–that kind of answers the other question I had; over the seasons, your character has gotten more entrenched in the storylines. When I was watching Season One, you went from the guy who was just giving information and the one-line jokes to eating cushions and stuff.

Reggie Lee: (laughs) Well, you know, there’s always a plan and I think their plan is [that] everyone gets into some kind of trouble. It was interesting because when I first auditioned, I didn’t audition for this particular part. I don’t know if you knew this, but I auditioned for the part of Hank, Russell Hornsby’s role. It came down to three of us–Russell, myself and another guy. Russell got it; 10 minutes later, I get a call from them saying, “We would like to write a role for Reggie, would he be interested?” And I thought, “Okay, stop all of the testing and auditioning. I really liked this script and I like these guys and they pitched me a story that included that part where I do start eating things and all that kind of stuff…It was fun.

That was…some of the most fun I’ve had, and it’s great because…I do have to give these guys their due. David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf–they really seek out to make each character that is a regular on the show–in some way, shape or form–we’ve all got our niche…Each role gets its due and I think that’s what’s happening with Sargent Wu…I really fell in love with these writers and, fortunately for me, I think they hooked on to the character they created together. So in the interest of the fans and the audience wanting to find out more about him, it became a bigger evolution for Wu, which is great. I love that, especially being a minority actor, I love that. In television now, they’re starting to be so inclusive with blacks, Asians, Latinos. I don’t think it’s enough anymore to just place a minority in a show, but you have to have the minority service the story, in some way, shape or form, just like everyone else.

Speaking of minority actors, I’ve read that Shohreh Aghdashloo has joined the cast.

Reggie Lee: Yeah, Shohreh Aghdashloo…I’ve been a fan of her work since “The House of Sand and Fog.” It’s just one of those films that just impacts you…she was phenomenal…It’s very interesting because she’s so sweet, but some of the characters she plays are very mysterious and dark. She’s very sweet. It’s nice to have her on the set. Let’s talk about a beautiful woman who is…really working as a minority. She’s really carved a niche for herself. It’s nice to see. In addition to this cast, when you see the level of work and the level of actors you can get, it’s really fascinating. It’s really fantastic. She’s coming on to do our little show, which is great!

From the scripts, do you know what her character is going to be like?

Reggie Lee: I know she plays royalty. That I know. I believe it’s a kind of gypsy-ish royalty. So, she’s perfect for it. She was in the makeup trailer discussing makeup and hair and it’s so great…we all do, in a certain point in our careers love the input of our physical appearance because it’s something that really helps us in our work. She really knows what she likes and what she wants and how to form this character.

From clips I’ve seen of the third season, it seems that the relationship between Renard and Juliette is getting more intense–

Reggie Lee: (laughs) That is an understatement! Wait ’till you see the episode…Yeah, it’s crazy. Everything comes to a head. I don’t know if you’ve heard by now, but I can’t which two characters [are involved], but Sargent Wu isn’t involved–otherwise, it’d be an orgy. There’s a sex scene that is heavily, heavily choreographed. It took a whole day to choreograph and shoot. So, that happens (laughs)…so you’ll have to tune into that one. But yes, everything is heating up.

Well, that certainly sounds eye-catching.

Reggie Lee: (laughs) Yeah, it certainly is eye-catching.

Are there other things fans should look for this season?

Reggie Lee: Adalind is back, so she’s here to cause trouble. That’s probably going to be a major source of the second part of this season, and how she does that kind of involves a lot of people, almost everyone. And definitely, everyone gets into action. We’re talking action. It’s interesting because there only used to be two characters who did that. It was Russell and David [Giuntoli]. But now everyone’s involved in the running and the jumping. It’s become a heavily-choreographed action show, which I think they set out to do in the first place, but now its coming to a head. So there’s a lot of that and the mythology really gets deeper.

If you could guest star on any show, which one would it be?

Reggie Lee: Homeland. I love that show. It would have to either Homeland or if there were ever an Asian in Downton Abbey (laughs). But you know in that period, you know, boy, I certainly wouldn’t be living in a big ol’ house!