The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Contractual Obligation Implementation” – Princess Power

Charged with serving on a university committee, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard teamed up to get young girls interested in a science career in “The Contractual Obligation Implementation,” this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. That went over about as well as you’d expect given the boys’ not-so-stellar track record with women of any age.

After stopping Sheldon from Googling “how to get 12 year old girls excited,” the guys settled on lecturing a group of pre-teen gals matriculating at Howard’s old school. Leonard tried to rap (literally) with the girls; Sheldon encouraged them all to follow the example of Marie Curie…including her terrible, radioactive death; Howard got offended when his trip into space was compared to being a flight attendant.

What they realized too late was that having three awkward men trying to get girls excited about science was a really dumb idea when two of those guys were involved with real female scientists. Unfortunately by then, Bernadette, Amy and Penny were already on an impromptu trip to Disneyland, and in the middle of princess makeovers. (Bernadette got to be Cinderella, but she had to fight for it, Amy took Snow White, although I would have liked to see her as Belle, and Penny got stuck with Sleeping Beauty. No one likes that pink dress.)

What I loved about the episode was not just that it addressed a very real problem, that young women are not encouraged to be excited about science and math, but that it attacked the idea that female scientists are somehow less feminine than other women. If feminism means that a woman can only be equal to a man if she becomes just like him, we’ve somehow missed the mark. Equality doesn’t have to mean that we all look the same and think the same, but that we have the same opportunities and our choices, whether they’re the Fortune 500 or raising a family of five, are equally respected and appreciated. By having Amy and Bernadette love their work and be proud of their educations, even as they indulged in a fairytale makeover, it felt like a step back in the right direction. Maybe girls today would be more interested in science if they knew they wouldn’t have to give up their tiaras.

Meanwhile, Raj had his first date with Lucy and it was absolutely adorable. A picnic in the library. And since she didn’t like talking to people and he didn’t have any alcohol, they spent the entire date texting back and forth. Turns out they both have a thing for terrible puns. Even though Lucy couldn’t quite push through her fears enough to give Raj a parting kiss, it looks promising for this completely dysfunctional couple.

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