POLL: Who Would Make a Better POI Ally: Samantha Shaw or Logan Pierce?

Reese, Pierce and Shaw - Person of Interest

Recently, Person of Interest has introduced a couple of characters that could possibly become allies for Reese and Finch in the future. I know there have been some online discussions about this, although I have not read extensively on the topic. I have, however, been thinking about this a lot.

I am not going to get into a discussion of whether or not it is desirable to have allies for the team. My focus in this article is on which of these two characters would make a good ally for them, if such an event came to pass.

Samantha Shaw

Samantha Shaw - Person of Interest

Samantha was introduced to us in a very unusual episode titled “Relevance.” In fact, the episode focused more on her character than on Reese and Finch and their team. When we finally saw Reese, we learned that she was the person whose number had come up. Reese then realizes that she was doing the exact same work they are, except she is working for the government – at least at the beginning of the episode.

Just as a quick aside, if you watch any number of action adventure shows like I do, does it seem to you that spies get burned pretty frequently? There sure are a lot of them in the TV universe. I can only wonder what the actual rate is in real life.

Samantha is a very capable assassin. Her skills at evading and escaping capture and killing people are top notch. How many times, in the course of just one episode, did she escape anyway? In my opinion, her presence on the show, if she were an ally, would be a significant assist to John!

Logan Pierce

John Reese and Logan Pierce - Person of Interest

Logan was featured in the episode “One Percent.” He is a billionaire, having made his fortune via social media websites. He is also a genius, and seemingly extremely reckless. Reese even becomes frustrated with trying to help him, saying “Finch, how do we keep up with a guy who breaks all the rules?” As it turns out, there is a method to his madness and his recklessness is for a reason.

He was clever enough to figure out that finch had him bugged and was tracking him. He was also clever enough to track Finch and Reese – at least for a while! Add into that the fact he was able to evade Reese more than once, and his skills would also be an asset to the team!


So, now it is time to make my pick. Despite my affection for Sarah (I miss her recently canceled show, Fairly Legal, terribly!), I think I need to go with Logan. My reasoning is as follows – Samantha is a great operative, and her skills rival Reese. Heck, she is one the few who has shot him! However, her skills are what disqualify her in my mind. Reese has Fusco and Carter for the physical part of their job, and what is really needed is someone like Logan, and possibly his new partner Emily – along with their computer skills – to augment Finch. This is especially necessary, IMHO, because of the continuing threat from Root.

Who would you pick and why? Vote in the poll below and please let me know why in the comment section!