NCIS Season 10 Review “Prime Suspect” – Gibbs Helps a Friend and Tony Messes with a Probie

NCIS Season 10 Episode 17 Prime Suspect

In this episode of NCIS, called “Prime Suspect,” Gibbs helps an old friend with an urgent family matter, while Tony and Dorneget are sent to away on their first assignment together.

While looking at the CBS schedule, it occurred to me that they put this episode in an interesting spot. It looks like we’re getting at least one week off before they air another new episode and I have to wonder why they put this one in as the last one before a mini hiatus. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but it was just a fairly typical episode with nothing extra or spectacular in it like the past few have been. Though it occurs to me as I’m writing this that, after all the drama of the past few episodes, maybe they wanted a somewhat a little more tame to send us off into mini hiatus land.

Gibbs helping his barber to clear his son’s name was a good story and I was glad that’s where it ended up. I think the drama of having Gibbs help a friend who suspected his son was a murderer actually catch said son would’ve probably been a bit much. Better than it ended with the guy being innocent and Gibbs encouraging them to get back together as a family. And how sweet was it that Gibbs called his dad at the end?

As for the secondary story, I got the biggest kick out of Tony and Dorney getting sent off on a case together. Tony’s had plenty of drama this season so it was nice to see him get out and have the kind of fun that only he can enjoy: probie torturing. A part of me was sad that McGee didn’t get to go with Tony because I just love it when those two hang out, but McGee is getting a little too mature for all of Tony’s antics so it was nice that he had someone else to play his silly reindeer games with. Also, I am really starting to like Dorneget a lot so any chance to see more from him is good for me.

My favorite bits..

Aw, Gibbs talks to his barber about all of his friends? Awesome.

Kinda wondering if this whole GS11 test thing is a joke the team is playing on Dorneget.

“Yeah, the bowl should be coming off his head right about now.”

Tony getting a GibbsStare for revealing that he’d just caught the lunch show at the strip club.

“Behave yourself, Skippy.” – Ha!

Yay! Tony and Dorneget on assignment together. Love it.

Ducky is running on his lunch breaks? Okay now I feel like a total slob.

Gibbs giving McGee and Ziva an out, and then thanking them for agreeing to help him.

Double chocolate brownies? That’s my kind of grieving.

Gibbs guessing that Vance was talking about Abby when he mentioned the poor-him, puppy dog looks.

Ziva’s undercover name being “Abby.”

Giggling at the fact that they apparently had to CGI the blue skies. Considering all the rain we had a few weeks back, I’m guessing LA wasn’t very sunny for them when they were filming this episode. LOL.

Poor Dorneget not realizing that Tony must have been the one to order the wake-up call.

“What in the name of Brooks Brothers are you wearing?”

“She’s the kind of gal my father would say you want to make cookies with.”

Gibbs catching Tony messing around on the job. Amazing how he can do that from any location.

Dorneget refusing to let Tony push him around. Way to go, Dorney!

Tony’s reaction when the pretty girl thought he and Dorneget were a couple. Haha!

Poor Dorneget getting punched when he tried to stop their suspect.

Tony and Dorneget having to tackle their suspect together.

Vance asking Abby to help his daughter. So sweet.

Abby asking permission to hug Vance.

Ramsey going in for a hug and getting rebuffed by Vance.

Gibbs bringing Caff-Pow! for Abby and Ramsey.

The extremely forceful way McGee said that Ramsey was not Abby’s boyfriend.

“Don’t cut him out of your life. You only get one father.”

Vance informing Dorneget that he was being probied.

Uh oh.Tony’s in for it now.

Wait. One of their suspects is named Crowley? Come on people! Of course it’s the King of Hell…oh wait, wrong show.

Giggling at Ton’s reaction to getting the note on his expense report from the director.

Gibbs watching Frank and his son reuniting, and then calling his own dad. Awwwww.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Did you like seeing Dorneget and Tony working on a case together? Got any favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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