The Good Wife Season 4 Interview: EP’s Robert and Michelle King Discuss The New Five Episodes

The Good Wife is having a run of five all-new episodes and TV Equals was happy to be able to learn more about the show’s developments from creators/executive producers Robert and Michelle King. Read below to learn more about the current love triangle and the behind-the-scenes information about the show.

Alicia’s two loves

Robert said the show’s current drama involving Alicia, her ex-husband Peter and her current flame Will will continue to get more difficult and messy. “It’s a real tense situation now because, in many ways, Alicia’s attraction towards Will was…she was off the hook ethically and morally because of the way Peter behaved. And now, things are warming up with Peter again and she does see a change in Peter,” he said. “It’s a difficult situation because the sexuality with Will doesn’t go away and because she has this weak moment…it puts Alicia in this very difficult position of what I think is the most interesting love triangle which is, what happens when the drama doesn’t give the character an easy out? So I think it’s Alicia struggling with her attraction to two men and we’re going to explore all the way through the beginning of the year…It was a different moral playing field than it was between Alicia and Will.”

Will Alicia choose this season?

There might be people rooting for Alicia to go with either Peter or Will, but it would seem the show is steering clear of that kind of storyline right now, according to Robert.

“…[W]e kind of went [in that direction and it’s certainly mixed up with what’s going on in the firm, too,” he said. “We kind of want to explore more of the moral dimension of it, not so much the ‘Team Will or ‘Team Peter’ dimension.”

CBS’ relationship with The Good Wife

Fans might be frustrated at CBS’ programming lineup in the fact that The Good Wife has been constantly delayed by special television events. This could lead fans to wonder what CBS thinks about the show. Michelle said that CBS is still championing the show.

“They don’t think of the…timeslot in terms of ‘sacrificial lamb,'” said Michelle. “They’re very sophisticated in terms of how the ratings work and how things operate and they’ve never given us anything but positive responses and they really focus on the creative and just say they’re fans of the show.”

Writing for The Good Wife

To piggyback from what Michelle said, Robert discussed what the writing process, including writing around delays, is like. He also championed CBS in how they are handling possible fan frustration.

“The difficulty of the show…is that there’s a very strong serialized element at the same time each show will try to be a short story and I think the difficulty is that you want the audience to have continuity…to follow from week to week,” he said. “[CBS sees] the problem too and I think this call and the advertising suggesting ‘Five in a row’–they really are trying to get the audience to see that they will get a run on this story.”

“We try to take that stuff [delays] into account when we build the stories. When there’s a break, for example, between Episodes 13 and 14, we’ll try to build in that a lot has happened, that the firm has gotten rich and so on,” he said. “And we try, almost like a Doonsbury cartoon, have the first panel remind the audience, the reader, where they are in the story without a recap. So we try to take [delays] into account and I think CBS is really taking [them] into account.”

The Good Wife renewal

Fans might be wondering if The Good Wife will be coming back next season. Unfortunately, there’s not a clear-cut answer. “With regards to renewal, I don’t know,” said Robert. “…We’re writing as if we’re coming back, but if you hear anything from Les [Moonves], tell us.”

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.