Survivor: Caramoan Season Review “Kill or Be Killed”

On a night where there’s not a lot of new episodes of TV being aired, Survivor: Caramoan returned tonight with the exciting “Kill or Be Killed”. The immediate fallout from last week’s surprising elimination was pretty darn explosive. I usually feel like the post-Tribal scenes are usually a little subdued and quiet, but these past two weeks have been crazy! Tonight we had Eddie and Reynold getting in a shouting match with the usually calm Sherri, as their “Popular Kids” alliance is now down to two. I don’t particularly like Eddie and Reynold, as I think they’ve been a little conceited and elitist about themselves and their tribe mates, but I still feel bad for them being stuck in the game while people like Shamar and Laura are still on the team.

However, it looks like we won’t have to suffer through any more of Shamar’s foolishness! After making a fool of himself by thinking that he won the reward challenge, he got some sand in his eye and…he’s out! When you think of all of the people who have been medical evacuated in the past of Survivor, like Michael Skupin or James Clement, their injuries were always so gruesome and it was easy to understood why they had to leave. I’m not saying that a scratched cornea isn’t serious, but it was just such a poetic way for him to be eliminated; With a seemingly minor injury.

Shamar may have been useless in just about every capacity, but at least he was semi-helpful during challenges. So obviously with him gone the fans lost the immunity challenge as well. It may have been a little close at the end due to some last minute heroics by Reynold, but it never felt close.

Reynold was great in the challenge, but I didn’t get why he was being so hesitant to believe Matt. I get that Matt may have lied to you in the past, but what option do you really have? You have to throw your vote somewhere, so why not just choose to believe him and throw it towards Laura? If I was outnumbered in an alliance by 5-2, I would be grasping at any olive branch that’s been extended to me!

Thankfully Reynold listened to Matt and was able to vote out Laura, and it looks like Eddie and Reynold have new life in this game! It’s too bad that Reynold burnt his idol, but maybe his usefulness in challenges can keep him around a little longer.

Random Thoughts:

– I normally hate hashtags showing up on the screen, but I’m such a big fan of #Stealthrus that I’ll let that one go.

– Okay, can that Tata guy please be in every episode now? This guy was absolutely hilarious, and I loved everybody in the tribe describing him. Malcolm calling him the Filipino Gollum, Cochran saying that he’s keeping all of these women in his memory…wow. So good.

– I am not excited about Brandon’s little tantrum next week. Stop trying to be a Russell rip-off, Brandon!