White Collar Season 4 Finale Review “In The Wind” – Somebody Doesn’t Make it Back

White Collar Season 4 Finale 2013 In The Wind

In the White Collar season 4 finale, called “In The Wind,” Neal and Peter and the rest of the gang work together to get to the evidence box and clear James’ name before Pratt can get to it.

I knew from the moment that I watched the preview for this episode that something bad was going to happen. There was just something about the way Peter was so overly confident that everything was going to go well. Peter making those plans with Elizabeth that had me very, very suspicious. Trouble is, there were a whole lot of ways things could have gone wrong and I didn’t really suspect that Peter might end up getting arrested until he and Neal had that conversation in the elevator. Even then, I never in a million years thought that James might actually be guilty.

But, as much as things went wrong for the characters, they went oh, so very right for the show itself. All along I’ve been wondering where things were going to end up with Neal and his father and I have to admit that making him the bad guy was a pretty clever idea. As Neal said last week, Peter has been more of a father to him than James ever was and having his father back in his life, with everything all hunky-dory, just wasn’t going to cut it. Where’s the drama in that, right? Also, being the huge Peter fan that I am, I’ve been thinking that we sure could use a finale that concentrating on him a bit more.

This ending fixed both issues in one fell swoop. Neal is left with some wonderful daddy issues and now has to figure out a way to save his best friend on top of everything else. Also, I simply adore the dichotomy of having Peter in jail while Neal is free. If we don’t get a scene where Neal visits Peter in jail I am going to throw one heck of a hissy fit come fall.

My favorite bits..

Neal recognizing his frown on his father’s face.

Neal talking about how his mom told him that his father was the blue in his eyes. My poor heart.

Shirtless Peter FTW!

Reese telling Peter that he was the law and he needed to fight back.

No shirtless Neal that early in the morning? Bogus!

Sara sheepishly walking out of Neal’s room.

James repeatedly guessing who Sara was and getting it wrong each time.

“How is it possible that three grown men don’t understand what’s going on here?” – I was just asking myself the same thing. Talk about clueless.

The look Mozzie gave Neal when James called Pratt a lying son of a bitch.

“Drink more champagne. It improves cognition. That’s a proven fact.” Haha! Another great Mozzie-ism.

“It’s crazy, you know that.”
“Don’t worry, we specialize in crazy.”

The look on Neal’s face when Mozzie said the stuff would melt through bones…or other things.

Neal and Bugsy. Too adorable.

Peter claiming that everything he’d ever done was all about justice. Yeah right, like none of it had to do with Neal.

“Family doesn’t show up on your doorstep after 30 years. They’re the ones who’ve been there when you need them.” – LOVED that.

Getting a very bad feeling when Peter was so confident about their plan that he made reservations for sushi with Elizabeth.

And..Shirtless Neal FTW!

Neal telling his father that, as long as he didn’t actually kill Pratt, their plan was good.

“I don’t think this is the man that you want to emulate, Neal.”
“Too late.”

James punching Pratt’s bodyguard.

Mozzie trying to snatch himself a bottle of champagne.

Neal calling his father’s assault an improvisation.

The conversation between Peter and Neal in the elevator.

Being more than a little moved by Neal’s proposal. I know it was all for show, but him talking about all of their firsts was incredibly sweet.

“Make it look good, that’s my job.” Neal

NO WAY!! Peter was wearing Neal’s anklet?? Holy cow!!

“Easy, you’re pouring acid, not gin.”
“Perhaps you’d rather punch the tile into submission.”

“Well it’s no 18th century music box but, really, what is?”

Finding out that the plan included making a mini zeppelin. That’s freaking awesome.

Pratt’s reaction to spotting the zeppelin.

Practically losing my (bleep) when James and Peter pulled guns on each other.

Yep, I knew it. I knew something bad was going to happen. Don’t think I was predicting Peter getting arrested, at least not at first.

Not being able help but to notice the fact that the younger version of James shot right-handed, while the current version is a lefty. That’s probably just ’cause I’m a lefty though.

Whoa! Talk about a revelation. James was guilty??

“You show me you’re better than this. You show me you’re a decent man.” – The way Neal’s voice broke when he said that killed me.

Neal begging his father to help Peter.

“In this life, somebody always takes a fall. Don’t let it be you.”

The way they shot the final sequence with Peter being led away and Neal remembering saying goodbye to his dad as a little boy.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Did you suspect that James was guilty all along? How do you think Neal will help Peter to get out of jail? I’d love to hear from you!

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