The New Normal Season 1 Review “Para-New Normal Activity”- The Halloween Episode That Never Aired

You might recall that during Halloween week in October of last year, Hurricane Sandy hit. The coverage cancelled a lot of pre-scheduled shows, like The New Normal. So, the episode we saw Tuesday night, “Para-New Normal Activity,” is now being shown. That makes this review a little…interesting.

It’s almost a moot point to talk about this episode since we’ve already seen what comes after it. At this point in the show, Clay was still a deadbeat dad, but he showed signs of wanting to change. Now, he’s fully committing to changing for the better. Back then, Jane was still racist and homophobic (but made a great Endora–if anyone’s casting for an updated Bewitched, get Ellen Barkin). Now, Jane is not so racist and is friend with Rocky. Back then, Goldie was only like one or two months pregnant. Now, she’s nearly bursting. Even Rocky’s changed–she’s now a mom (and, arguably, more of a character). The only people that haven’t really changed are Shania, Bryan and David. It’s okay for Shania not to change–she’s got a built-in moral structure that rivals that of a 30-to-40-year-old feminist. What is bad is that Bryan and David haven’t really changed. They are still being themselves, for better or worse.

Well, actually, it’s worse. Bryan and David are the stars of this show, right? Shouldn’t they have grown at least a little as people? Why are they still the cutesy couple? They can’t always be that way. No one is always cutesy. Even Shania has had her moments with her mother.

I will say that the highlights of this episode for me were guest stars Nicole Richie and George Takei. Of course, I can’t forget putting on the list the visual of Jane as the best Endora since Agnes Moorehead. It was also quite daring of the show to have what seemed to be a young transgender boy character. That relationship the his dad has with him could have been its own television series, one I would have liked to see (without preachiness, of course).

That’s about it, I guess. It was a fun episode. Still a filler episode, but fun.