The Biggest Loser Season 14 Review “Makeover” – Welcome to the Gunn show!

It’s the contestant’s favorite episode of The Biggest Loser season, makeover day! After a lot of hard work and a bit of crafty gamesmanship, the five remaining contestants were treated to a day of pampering hosted by Tim Gunn. The kids got in on the fun too!

The contestants started off with some fashion advice from Tim Gunn. Having grown accustomed to hiding behind their clothes, Gunn encouraged them to take a a few risks and make fashion choices that showed off their hard work on the ranch.

After adding a few new items to their wardrobe, Ken stepped in to help them find a hairstyle to match their new look and new attitude. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the ladies opted to chop their locks and the men shed their facial hair.

Clad in new clothes with updated hairstyles, the Biggest Loser contestants were ready for their big reveal. Each of them returned home for a two-week stay in which they reconnected with their loved ones and showed off their hard work and new look. The makeovers always provide such a great contrast between where the contestants started as they entered The Biggest Loser ranch and where they were after completely changing their eating habits and enduring weeks of grueling workouts.

Of course, the competition continues while the contestants are at home. Each of them faced two challenges while home. The first was to lose 5% of their body weight during their two week reprieve from the ranch. In reward for their discipline, the winning contestants would receive immunity. The second challenge was for each contestant to to lead a workout class in their communities. Like past seasons, the time spent home proved challenging as the contestants visited some of their favorite restaurants that helped land them on the ranch.

Temptations aside, the all of the contestants managed to lead their community fitness class and lose 5% of their body weight. It was nice to see no one go home during a week that is otherwise upbeat and celebratory. With makeover week done, only two weeks remain until a new Biggest Loser is crowned. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!