‘Sinbad’ Cancelled By Sky1

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The network Sky1 has cancelled Sinbad after just one season, citing that the series has run its course on the network, Digital Spy has shared. “As a broad, family entertainment channel, ‘Sinbad’ was the perfect drama to showcase Sky1’s ambitions for long-running, blockbuster series. We were thrilled with the cast and the production team at Impossible, however, we feel that Sinbad’s story has now been told,” Sky1 said in a statement over the cancellation. Adding, “We’re in development on a number of exciting new projects and look forward to sharing more news with our customers very soon.”

‘Sinbad’ starred actor Elliot Knight (400 Boys) in the title role alongside a supporting cast of Marama Corlett (The Devil’s Double), Elliot Cowan (The Golden Compass), Junix Inocian (Faust) and Dimitri Leonidas (Animals). The series chronicles the Bastra native and his journey after he is banished from his native land and cursed by his own grandmother. The 12 episode mini series follows his travels and the eccentric characters he meets aboard The Providence. Showrunners were in the middle of submitting their ideas for a second season when it was reported that the network didn’t want to go any further with the fantasy, cutting the show short.

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