Monday Mornings Season 1 Review “The Legend and The Fall” — The Fail!Dates Continue…

In ‘The Legend and The Fall’, Monday Mornings looked at how an ageing surgeon coped with the decline of his mental faculties. Sort of. After walking into the wrong procedure (at the wrong time, with the wrong patient), 85-year-old Arvin Wayne blames his mistake on an iphone calendar error. But as Hooten comes to learn, this was not Wayne’s first mistake. An M&M meeting on the matter seems to end with Wayne being decided competent, but Hooten isn’t so sure. He brings up the possibility of Wayne having suffered from TIAs (transient ischemic attacks, or mini-strokes). Wayne denies this, but the episode ends with him obviously knowing otherwise.

Wayne looks to be a recurring character, so his storyline couldn’t be wrapped up with a bow at the end of the episode. That said, it felt unsatisfying. If we had come to know Wayne as a competent surgeon before he started experiencing larger performance issues, maybe his character would have been even more sympathetic. Instead we were told how good he is — just as we’re told how good Wilson is — and we’re expected to feel sorry for his decline because we have this knowledge.

Then again, it doesn’t particularly help when we do see successful surgery on this show. This week Ridgeway, Robidaux and Gato dealt with a 21-year-old swimmer who had a migraine followed by a fit. He seems to be in good health, but the team discover he has a brain clot brought on by blood doping. Gato (who continues to be my least favourite person on this show) declared that he knows everything about it — after giving the type of summary seen on any news site following the Lance Armstrong doping reveal. Surgery follows. Ridgeway’s procedure was supposed to be skilled and quite impressive, but this was undermined by how everyone praised it with their usual bland expressions.

Yet, funnily enough, that scene probably showed the most chemistry between Ridgeway and Wilson. We learned last week that they have been having an affair and yet their chemistry is all but non-existent. Kudos to the producers for clearly not wanting to go the ‘sexy doctors having sex’ route, but I wish someone would tell them that it’s okay for the actors to emote once in a while. Ridgeway seems have had her personality surgically removed.

At least there was a little comedy with Sydney and her beau Lieberman. Their third date ended with one of Lieberman’s patients coming over to thank him for carrying out a successful stent surgery — and then keeling over on the dining table. Turns out he has bacterial endocarditis, or a bacterial infection of the heart. Sydney decides the patient contracted it after a visit to the dentist but ponders whether Lieberman should have spotted it earlier.

Naturally this put a kink in their relationship and lead to both the most amusing scene of the episode: Gato telling Lieberman how Sydney sees him — as Sydney. I suppose Gato isn’t all bad.

Who’s getting sued this week? The dentist that the heart patient visited before contracting a bacterial infection. Also, Sydney thinks Lieberman should talk to the hospital’s lawyer, you know, just in case. That makes what, five people sued in five episodes? Pretty impressive hit rate, Monday Mornings.

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