Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – The Aftermath

I don’t know how many of you out there jumped ship after last week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, but this weeks ep, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” probably didn’t do much to help heal those of you who are still hanging on after the big breakup. Like the title would imply, Zoe won’t be forgiving Wade for cheating on her any time soon.

But at least she has two new drinking buddies in Tansy and Lemon. Tansy is a fellow survivor of Wade Kinsella and Lemon knows the pain of a broken heart. Plus the town has finally proven how much they’ve come to accept Zoe as they’ve all pretty much taken her side. Even Lavon had some harsh words for Wade. They’re still friends, and Lavon doesn’t want to lose his handy-man/renter, but it’s going to be an awkward living situation for awhile.

Zoe is still in the grieving process. Wallowing was followed by righteous fury, fueled on by another ex’s of Wade who wrote a clever breakup song about him that become Zoe’s theme for awhile. But it took her jeopardizing Rose’s relationship with her cute football boyfriend when Zoe jumped to conclusions and decided he was cheating on her, too, for Zoe to realize that she really didn’t want to become bitter. She decided to return Wade’s stuff to him and took a moment to tell him that she doesn’t hate him.

It was something he needed to hear after enduring all sorts of derision from the town. True, he deserves to be punished for his actions, but I think losing Zoe was almost punishment enough for him.

Meanwhile, Lemon temporarily returned to her scheming ways when she found out (through her hot doctor cousin who has the hots for Zoe) that Brick was planning to ask Shelby to move in with him. She coerced George into helping her dig up some dirt on the poor girl, but it turned out that what she did find (that Shelby had massive debts and was about to lose her home) had already been disclosed to Brick. Lemon is running out of reasons to hate Shelby; Magnolia gave up around the time she was given a new car in a successful purchase of her approval. That girl is nothing if not consistent in her self-centeredness.

So, how many of you planning to stick around Bluebell even if Zoe ends up dating the cuter, younger Dr. Breeland? Let me know below! And remember you can always follow me on Twitter @krieli1 so you never miss a review.b