Dallas Season 2 Review “The Furious and the Fast” – Bang, Bang

It looks like JR Ewing had another date with some bullets in “The Furious and the Fast,” this week’s episode of Dallas, but will it be his final dance? We assume so since Larry Hagman passed during its filming, but I wouldn’t put it past JR to have a few tricks up his sleeve before he goes, kicking and fighting, into that good night.

Hearing his father get shot over the phone capped off a terrible week for John Ross. He and Sue Ellen started off at the very top, ready to take over Ewing Energy with Elena’s shares and with Rebecca presumably ready to vote with them on everything. But Bobby and Christopher threw a wrench in their plans when they announced there would be no drilling on Southfork until John Ross gave Elena her shares back.

I admit, sometimes the business details get lost on me, but basically Bobby and Christopher still want to move EE towards methane and leave oil behind, and they might get to do it now that they have proven that methane provides better, long fuel for racing cars. They nearly lost that battle, though, since John Ross tried to sabotage their race car. The look on his face when Christopher’s methane-fueled EE car won was priceless. Even Rebecca had to admit that keeping the methane patent in the company was just good business, and she decided to vote with her baby-daddy, not her illicit lover. Chalk one up for the good guys, but don’t celebrate too soon. John Ross already has a new plan, one that probably involves seducing the attractive woman in charge of fueling the racing fleet.

In another victory for good, Anne’s daughter, Emma, came to her after learning that her grandmother and father were planning to send her back to England. Her brainwashing (or at least the mood-altering drugs her father kept her on) started to wear off, and she sought out her mother for help, even going so far as to pack up her things and ask to stay at Southfork. Through her rebellion, we got to see the full picture of her grandmother’s Jocasta complex, and it wasn’t pretty. It sounds like Ryland married Anne just to get away from his mother’s creepy, obsessive love, but didn’t have the guts to make a clean break.

Meanwhile, Elena and her brother discovered that there actually is oil deep under the ground their father died on, but the land now belongs to the Ewings. You know as soon as the news breaks, John Ross won’t give that land up, but will Christopher hand over millions of dollars to the woman he loves?

So, JR has been shot. Again. Is he really gone, or will he just vanish to some tropical island to be served drinks by scantily-clad women for the rest of his days, leaving his family to mourn and his enemies to rejoice? We might never know for sure…

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