Being Human Season 3 Review “Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland”

On the latest episode of “Being Human,” the world was not kind for our gang, as each went through some life-changing experiences, most of which were not positive, on the aptly-titled “Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland.” (Actually, since Aidan and Sally are technically the walking dead, I suppose for them it would be “death-changing” experiences.)

We started with a wonderland of a different sort, as in Aidan’s “dank basement wonderland,” which he has been sticking to, along with the hospital, in order to steer clear of a still angry Nora. Josh promises to talk to her, but Aidan is convinced she’d sell him out in a heartbeat to Liam if given half the chance. Not helping matters is Nora’s discovery of the two girls Aidan and Henry killed, who she can see but Josh can’t, no longer being a supernatural being and all. They fill her in on the gory details of that incident, which doesn’t exactly help endear Aidan to her.

Also adding to her misery is the fact that Erin’s death was just readily accepted, without so much as a peep of it being foul play from the cops, which Nora blames on the system, due to the fact that Erin’s JD-reputation precedes her. Personally, I blame it on the shoddy doctoring going on at that hospital, since they never picked up on the fact that Erin died from suffocation, not head injuries or whatever. Kenny might want to get a second opinion, but maybe that’s just me.

Nora meets with Liam to feel him out after Josh insists that Erin’s death was an accident that Liam caused to happen by foisting her on Aidan intentionally, which we know to be true. Liam doesn’t exactly deny it, but he doesn’t really confirm it, either. She then runs into Aidan, who tells her that he gets they will never be friends, but that they should try and make peace for Josh’s sake. Nora isn’t having it, and shuts Aidan down immediately.

Sensing that his dating Kat will not help matters, he tries to break it off with Nora’s friend, but she isn’t having it, either. She points out that she isn’t likely to find another guy that actually likes discussing history like he does, and that he’d be missing out on some sweet Medieval Times/Renaissance Fair-style Cosplay and that gives Aidan pause. In the end, she refuses Aidan’s break-up, but then Liam shows up to bring the fight to him and he has to make a hasty retreat in order to leave Kat out of their ongoing issues.

Meanwhile, Sally is understandably freaked out about her decomposing issues, and goes to Nick to see if he is having similar problems. He claims he isn’t, but we see that he is after Sally leaves (“Have fun not rotting,” she enthuses), with rot having infested his chest. We later discover that raw meat staves off the decomposing, as Sally, a vegetarian who can’t stop eating, finally gives into her desires and eats an entire package of meat, while Nick devours a live cat! That was no “Laughing Kitty,” let me tell you.

In hopes of covering up the rot in the meantime, she learns about corpse spackling from Max, who mistakes her interest for some sort of drug thing, accusing her of stealing some of the chemicals he works with. She says she was taking some supplies, but only to learn how to do what he does. Max isn’t buying it, so Sally is forced to tell him the truth. Though he takes it surprisingly well, considering, he still is taken aback and flees the scene to take all of that insanity in for a hot minute.

On a happier note, Josh arranges for him and Nora to visit a house that one day he hopes they will be able to afford. Nora loves it, but she loves it a lot more when Josh finally proposes, telling her they may be struggling now, but one day they will have a normal life. Fat chance, but his logic in that they had better do it now before something else crazy happens is solid. More solid than he knows, given what happens soon after.

Liam has taken Aidan back to his house, where he has been torturing him to find out what happened to Connor and Brynn, his children. Aidan confesses to killing Connor finally, saying it was a life-or-death situation, but says he knows nothing about Brynn, even though he figured out it was Nora who did it earlier. He could do himself some favors by telling Liam, but he refuses.

Kat calls Josh, wondering what was going on with Aidan, suspecting that he might be in trouble with a loan shark or the mob or something. By her description, Josh figures out that Liam has Aidan and calls Nora to find out where Liam lives. Josh stocks up on guns and storms the castle, as it were, and is able to infiltrate Liam’s stronghold a bit too easily for my tastes. I mean, what did he have, like one guard? That seems unlikely to me, given the big dudes he showed up with to nab Aidan with earlier.

Whatever the case, Josh is able to get into the room where Aidan is being tortured and save him, but not before he overhears Aidan lie and tell him that he actually killed both Connor and Brynn, which causes Liam to inject Aidan with the vampire virus in anger. As if that weren’t bad enough, Liam turns into a wolf and scratches Josh, which means he’ll be back to being the Wolfman soon enough. Josh and Aidan manage to escape and lock Liam in the basement-cum-torture chamber and make a run for it. Liam really needs to rethink his lax security.

Max goes to Sally’s house and apologizes for his actually understandable behavior earlier, and he offers to fix her up properly, vowing that they’ll get through this together, whatever it is. No sooner have they come to terms with that than Aidan and Josh burst in, looking worse for the wear. Knowing there isn’t enough time to explain this, too, Sally shoos Max off, which he clearly isn’t happy about, but as she points out, it’s not her secret to tell.

So, what do you think is next for our intrepid roommates? Clearly, Josh will return to his werewolf glory and a showdown with Liam is imminent, only next time on much more even terms. Also, he can now offer up proof to Nora that Aidan is a good guy, what with his having taken the bullet for her even though she hates him, as I predicted would happen in my last review. Whether or not she accepts that is still up in the air, but I suspect that she ultimately will, though she’s still not going to be happy about the Kat situation.

What do you think is going to happen on “Being Human” next? There are still five episodes left, so it seems a bit early for a full-on Liam showdown, but at the same time, there’s still Witchy-poo to deal with on Sally’s end, so there’s technically two villains to vanquish. We haven’t seen much of the witchy woman, so I suspect they’ll deal with Liam first before moving on to her. Though it’s not like they can wait, what with Liam no doubt fuming mad that Aidan got away- although he’s still doomed without a cure to the virus.

Let me know your predictions in the comments section!