90210 Season 5 Review “Life’s a Beach” – And Then You Get Cancelled

I am really curious. Is anyone out there upset about the cancellation of 90210? I can’t say that it came as any huge surprise to me, especially after this week’s episode, “Life’s a Beach,” in which Naomi schemed, Annie got self-righteous, Liam made terrible sexual choices, Adrianna got mostly naked, Silver bitched and Navid whined.

In other words, the exact same thing they’ve all been doing for the past five years.

I suppose if I were to be really fair I would have to point out that at least now, five years later, Annie and Naomi were able to work out their differences with something akin to sisterly love, whereas back in high school they would have hated each other for at least half a season. I guess that’s growth.

The source of those difference was, of course, their shared half-brother, who Annie wanted to see fulfill his culinary potential by taking a job in New York, and who Naomi wanted to keep in California by any means necessary, including basically whoring out Adrianna. Not that Adrianna complained; she hasn’t had a boyfriend in nearly four episodes and was just looking for an excuse to get naked.

In the end, brother Mark decided to stick around LA, but will he choose bikini-clad Adrianna or mama-to-be Silver? (Gee, tough decision…) The girls have made a pact not to go after him for the sake of their friendship, but who will be the first to break it? ‘Cause you know that’s happening.

Oh yeah, Silver’s surrogate managed to get pregnant and film a killer music video all in a matter of days! She really is superwoman. Now Dixon can stop moaning about his music career and actually work.

Speaking of work, Liam landed a rich investor for his surfboard company, but didn’t find out she was married until after he slept with her. Also, her stepson is the evil Kronos leader who is planning to set up Navid to take the fall for the cheating scheme; fortunately after his tryst with the stepmom, Liam overheard everything. Dun dun dun!

Well, I hope the cancellation came in time for them to end the season with some sort of resolution. How would you like to see our time with this gang of 90210-ers come to an end? Wedding bells for Liam and Annie? The untimely birth of Silver’s progeny? Dixon waking up in Kansas and discovering it was all just a dream?

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