The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “Pins, Spins, and Fins! (Shark Story Cut for Time)”

On the second episode of “The Cleveland Show” of the night, oddly-titled “Pins, Spins, and Fins! (Shark Story Cut for Time),” we started out with Rallo learning anew hobby: bowling. Though the ball is heavier than Rallo, the attendant at the bowling alley offers to help the kid out by making the guard rails on the lane come up, thus ensuring he’ll never have a gutter ball, at least. It works like a charm and Rallo is gleefully rolling strikes left and right, which causes Donna to throw a wink the attendant’s way, which he interprets in a slightly different way than intended.

A bowling ball, “speaking” to the attendant: “Did you see that wink? That’s the signal to burn down the senior center.”

Um, okay. That’s not random and completely insane.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, Cleveland and the gang are having predictability issues, and want to spice up their friendship, so they decide to first go skydiving (!), and then take a trip to France, where there was a joke in French which I didn’t understand, as it wasn’t subtitled and I don’t speak French. (By all means, if you know, let me know in the comments.) This does not have the intended results, so it’s back to square one for the guys.

Meanwhile, Rallo is living it up at the bowling alley: “Wanna smell my glove?” He also can’t resist giving his mother a hard time, as his scores are much better than her own- though she doesn’t have the guard rail thing going for her.

Rallo: “Mama, you got pounded by your own son- like Oedipus’ mom, probably.”
(Loved the way he both had no idea what the joke meant and how he mispronounced Oedipus as “O-eat-a-puss.” It might be the first completely unintentional double entendre made by accident that became even dirtier by mispronunciation…not that the writers were unaware, of course.)

The guys decided to seek semi-professional help, from the author of the amusingly-titled tome: “Beer Me, Sit near Me, Why Can’t You Hear Me?” He tells them that their friendship has reached the expiration date of all male friendships: two-and-a-half years, and that nothing can save it.

Dr. Zimmerman: “Now, would you like to pay by check or let me hypnotize you? Full disclosure: things will get weird.”

Later, the guys are driving by an old, closed-down amusement park and they reminisce about old times.

Holt, to Tim the Bear: “[Remember when] We all got drunk and watched you bang that robot from the Country Bear Jug Band?”
Cleveland: “So wrong, but so funny…like Billy Crystal, but funny.”

They decide to get out and take a look around the defunct park.

Cleveland: “This is so cool! Wandering around an abandoned amusement park, just like I’ve always nightmare’d about!”

Donna indulges in some amusement of her own, when she finally tells Rallo about the guard rail, and sings a hilarious song about how “Kids suck at everything.” She adds hastily, at the end of her big number: “This song does not apply to Asian kids.”

Cleveland and the boys wander around the park, where Tim randomly decides to bash penguins.

Tim: “Penguins are the worst. Don’t be fooled by their formal dress. A bunch of slobs- cheap, misogynistic slobs.”
Narrator, in a Morgan Freeman-style, as a penguin overhears Tim’s comments and storms off: “Paul the penguin later drained his bank account, slapped his wife and killed himself. He was my best friend.” (LOL. Definitely the line of the night.)

The guys manage to get the power on in the amusement park and get on one of the rides, the one that spins around really fast while gravity pins you up against the walls, with Ernie operating the ride. He gets a little too into the festivities and jumps into the ride while it’s still going and they’re all trapped, endlessly spinning. Naturally, things get worse before they get better and projectile vomiting ensues, with Cleveland getting the worst of it, including his own.

Meanwhile, Rallo is trying to track Cleveland down, after he and the boys don’t show up and their wives all get worried. He suspects they’ve lost track of time at the local strip club, the aptly-named “Sad Woody’s,” which declares on the sign that it’s “Putting girls through college (Wink).” There, he finds his stepdad, who tells them the boys haven’t been there, but offers to help him search for them online, as the place has free Wi-Fi. He seeks help from a stripper at the club.

Robert: “Fifi, when you’re done with that wee-wee, come over here and help Pee Wee with the Wee-Fee.”

They’re able to figure out that the boys are at the amusement park, and Rallo’s stepdad drops him off, alone. Rallo finds his way to the boys, and only makes things worse, jacking up the speed on the ride instead of stopping it. Donna manages to follow in Rallo’s footsteps and accidentally starts a fire, which doesn’t help matters.

Cleveland: “I’m sorry, Donna, this is all my fault. Except for the fire, which is your fault and what’s probably going to kill us.”

Fortunately, the firemen arrive just in time to save everyone (and sneak in a clever “Rescue Me” joke) and all is well, save maybe for a certain other locale…as evidenced in the local paper’s headlines.

“88 Perish in Senior Center while firemen save condemned amusement park!”

Whoops! Looks like it really was all Donna’s fault all around- at least if you believe talking bowling balls.

Another decent but not great episode. I laughed more with this one than in the earlier episode, but it was by no means one of the best of the season, just the night. What did you think of “The Cleveland Show”? Did you like the thinly-veiled references to Disney and “March of the Penguins,” not to mention “The Shawshank Redemption”? How about Rallo’s brief tenure as the best bowler baller in town? Was this your favorite of the two episodes or did you prefer the other one? Let me know in the comments!