The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “Brownsized”

In the latest episode of “The Cleveland Show,” amusingly-titled “Brownsized,” Cleveland found an out at work when Mr. Waterman, his boss, offered up a severance package that included six months pay up front. Interpreting this as a way to do nothing for six months and get paid for it, Cleveland leaps at the chance, but there’s a catch, of course, in that Donna isn’t about to let Cleveland do nothing for that long.

After an amusing in-joke in which Cleveland turns back time, Superman-style, so that he can leave out the part about doing nothing for six months to Donna, he’s off and slacking, putting only the bare minimum into looking for work while he blows through his severance pay. His friends are a little concerned about his newfound lack-of-work ethic.

Cleveland: “Guys, I’ve been working since I was six and my father locked me in a slaughterhouse with four cows and a penknife and told me not to come out until I had four steaks.”

Meanwhile, Roberta finally has the good sense to dump Federline, much to Rallo’s delight. He immediately makes it his life’s purpose to find her a strong black man, but is failing miserably until they happen to stumble upon a seemingly perfect candidate at the store. Roberta, for one, finds herself admiring his impressive physique, at least, complimenting him on his work-out ethic.

DeVon: “No, I got in shape this summer building a school in South Africa for the kids that got molested at Oprah’s school in South Africa.”

DeVon has issues of his own, though, including wanting to be a strong male presence in the home and an all-around family man. For instance, he wastes no time in telling Rallo to go to bed early and forbids him from watching his favorite show, “Breaking Bad.” (!) He does back down a little after feeling he might have come on too strong beforehand. He takes the liberty of taping Rallo’s fave show, only with a few changes.

DeVon: “I’ve edited it down to scenes that are appropriate for a five-year old, so its forty seconds long and mostly desert exterior shots.”

Cleveland, not realizing his actions have led to poor Donna taking on several jobs, continues to revel in his slacking, while Donna gives a hilarious speech that sounds like a spin on something out of “A Raisin in the Sun,” only painting a picture of Cleveland as a Mario in the game of life, doing his best to avoid the barrels that his evil Donkey Kong overlord is tossing down at him. She concludes with this sentiment, much to little Cleveland Jr.’s interest.

Donna: “Even though, to this cruel world, he (Cleveland) ain’t worth more than a meatball that rolled behind a fridge!”
Cleveland, Jr: “So, if one were to look behind the fridge right now, there would be a meatball?”

Roberta also laments her predicament, pointing out how square DeVon is with a variety of reasons why it’s not working out.

Roberta: “Even worse, when the guy shakes hands, he actually regular shakes hands.”
Cleveland, Jr: “He doesn’t do the dip-dap-hug-pull-in-elbow-bump-ear-kiss?”

Cleveland shares a similar sentiment to his friends when he discovers about Donna’s taking on extra work, after he spots her waitressing at the expensive diner he’s treating all his friends to lunch at.

Cleveland: “If she sees me, it’s gonna be boom-boom-bye-bye-punch-face!”

Seeing no way out of this predicament, Cleveland goes out on the ledge of the diner, which is one of those round-shaped restaurants at the top of a building. He threatens suicide, on account of not being able to find work, and soon finds support from the “99%” below, who rally behind his supposed economic protest.

Rallo seeks out Federline, who has regressed back to acting white again, only much worse, as he is now behaving like an elderly Jewish man, growing flowers and puttering around the garden in a sweater, while speaking in perfect English. Rallo takes him to the “wanna-be” hall of fame, which includes such luminaries as MC Serch, the Beastie Boys, and Vanilla Ice- aka white guys who made a fortune acting black.

He also runs into his father, who used to be a disco stud back in the day, making Federline a second-generation wanna-be. He convinces Federline that there will be plenty of time to act his race later, but for now, he should do what he can to avoid it and enjoy life! Federline accepts his beloved hat back and goes right back into wanna-be mode and successfully recaptures Roberta’s heart again.

Back at the ledge, Cleveland’s boss shows up and offers him his job back- but also mentions the severance pay and that Cleveland himself was the one who quit, much to the crowd and Donna’s chagrin. Cleveland knows he’s doomed, so he apologizes the best he can.

Cleveland: “Yes, I lied and I’m sorry, Donna. I wasn’t looking for a job, I was acting like a slob and now I look like a knob in front of this mob…sorry, I was doing a Jesse Jackson thing and trying to rhyme my way out of this.”

Donna isn’t buying it and before you know it, it’s boom-boom-punch-face and off the ledge Cleveland goes. Fortunately, there’s a cushion below to catch his fall- though Donna didn’t know about it. Oops! Cleveland sums up what happened six months later in an epilogue.

Cleveland: “I did sue Donna. She had to keep those extra jobs for a while to pay me off. I was then able to pay back my ill-gotten severance to Mr. Waterman, who was gracious enough to give me my old job back and, for no reason, show me his penis.”

Alrighty then! All’s well that ends well-ish, I guess?

A decent if unspectacular effort, the first of two episodes of “The Cleveland Show” that night, with the second slightly better than the first. What did you think of the episode? Did you get a kick out of the museum of wanna-bes? How about Federline embracing his old Jewish man side? Or Kid Cudi’s turn as DeVon? Let me know in the comments!