Shameless Season 3 Review “A Long Way From Home”

The Gallaghers are still separated in this week’s Shameless, ‘A Long Way From Home’, and Fiona decides to take drastic action in order to get them back. She’s basically their primary caregiver anyway, sure, but making things legal certainly changes things. Can she finally strip Frank of his parental rights and take the kids for herself, or will things go wrong yet again when she tries to claw something back for herself?

We saw last week that Debbie, Carl, and the rest of the family weren’t in ideal homes, and we also know that things will work out in Fiona’s favour eventually. That doesn’t make her fight to keep them together any less dramatic and suspenseful, however, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout to see whether she would be able to transfer Frank’s parental rights over to herself. After all, even if she had won outright, that’s five kids and at least 16 years of responsibility – what 21-year-old wants to inherit that?

In the end, everybody wins, as Frank gets to keep his rights but Fiona becomes their legal guardian. This might seem like a cop-out on the writers’ part, since nothing has really changed, but I could never see things turning out another way. I’d like to see them really cut Frank out of their lives though, as this latest stunt really is beyond forgiveness. Fiona’s reaction to last week’s discovery was a lot less than I expected, but I guess he must have pulled stuff like this before. Nonetheless, this latest move means that he can’t do it again, and Fiona has a lot more power over what happens to her siblings in the future.

And she wasn’t the only one dealing with custody issues this week, as Hymie’s other grandmother turned up at Sheila’s house to take him off her hands. She was crazy, and the son seemed to be even more disinterested than Karen, but her heart seemed to be in the right place as far as her grandchild was concerned. I didn’t get the sense that Hymie was in any danger with this new family, and Sheila deduced that her own home wasn’t fit for a child anymore anyway. That was before Karen came back, of course, which was an event that seemed certain after Lip’s emotional phone call.

She looks like she’s been through the ringer, and I can’t wait to hear what she’s been up all of the time. More pressingly, how will Lip react to her return? How will it affect his relationship with Mandy? Will Hymie return at some point? The possibilities are endless so, even if you’re not the biggest fan of Karen’s character, you have to admit that her return will shake things up quite nicely. Not that we’ll need much more drama once Fiona discovers Jimmy’s indiscretions, and the fallout from this storyline feels imminent.

What did you think of the episode? Will Lip and Ian tell Fiona about Patrick Gallagher’s will? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.