‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Posters Cast Everyone In Shadows

With Game of Thrones‘ third season just a few weeks away, HBO has released 12 new character posters featuring everyone from Tyrion to Sandor Clegane. Each poster casts a different character half in light and half in an eerie blue shadow. Perhaps the haunting motif is illustrating the moral dilemmas fan favorites like Arya and Jon will have to face this year? Or maybe it’s simply confirming– as was hinted in the dramatic trailer –that season three is shaping up to be the darkest season of Game of Thrones yet.

As a gentle reminder that winter is indeed coming soon, the posters will start popping up in outdoor and print ads this week. See all 12 in the gallery below!

Game of Thrones season three premieres Sunday, March 31st at 9PM on HBO.

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