Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “The Queen is Dead” – Oh Mama

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 15 The Queen is Dead (4)
It seemed like everyone was having mother issues in “The Queen is Dead,” this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, although no one was as bratty as Henry, not even little Snow before she got schooled by her mama. To no one’s surprise, Henry can’t forgive Emma for lying to him about his father. After everything he’s seen and everything he knows about their crazy lives, he can’t wrap his head around the possibility that she had very good reasons for what she did. That’s a fail, Henry.

Snow’s birthday rolled around, but she had no intention of letting Charming celebrate it, as she’s still grieving for her mother (Rena Sofer), who died of a mystery illness on her birthday, leaving her in the care of servant Johanna (Downton Abbey‘s Lesley Nichols aka Mrs. Padmore).

Of course, the mystery illness turned out to be poison a la Cora, who in addition to wanting Regina on the throne, really seemed to have it out for Snow’s mother. It wasn’t enough to kill her; she wants to keep destroying her by turning Snow’s heart black. Well, after everything Cora has done…killing Mama Snow, taking Rumple’s dagger before killing Johanna…it looks like she might have gotten her wish.

Snow wants Cora dead and she isn’t interested in doing the right thing anymore.

It had to come to this point eventually after everything Snow has been through. Happiness has been dangled in front of her so many times, only be cruelly jerked away by Regina and Cora. I just hope Charming will help her and not turn his back on her.

Back in New York, Hook managed to sail his ship all the way to Manhattan just to stab Gold with a poisoned blade. Fortunately, Emma hits harder, and she and Neil (who immediately recognized Hook) got the pirate all tied up. They needed to get Gold back to Storybrooke immediately, but the fastest way was Hook’s ship. To Emma’s (but no one else’s) surprise, Neil volunteered that he can pilot a pirate ship, all but confirming (especially when he said that he should be hundreds of years old) that he is Peter Pan.

Unfortunately for Emma, who was just beginning to feel the old stir of emotions for Neil, she soon discovered that he has a fiancee named Tamara. Well, that’s Peter Pan for you. He never could stay faithful to Wendy.

So, if Snow turns bad, could that lead her to join forces with Regina who is starting to question her mother’s true intentions? That’s an alliance I would like to see. In the meantime, let’s all mourn Mrs. Padmore…I mean, Johanna…and take a moment to marvel over the real stars of tonight’s episode, the incredible costumes. Seriously, could those dresses get any more gorgeous??

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