Being Human (UK) Series 5 Review “No Care, All Responsibility” — He Has Risen

We’re only one episode away from the end of Being Human, dear reader. ‘No Care, All Responsibility’ had to set up the big showdown, establish Hatch as a legitimate threat, and reveal what exactly Rook has been doing all this time. A tall order for an hour long episode, but it succeeded.

The guest character this week was Natasha, a girl who has been under Rook’s care after he saved her from vampires as a child. This was where we learnt just how smart Rook is; by having Tom ‘save’ Natasha, Rook played on Tom’s old-fashioned, McNair-induced need to protect women. In just a couple of days, Natasha was a part of Tom’s life to the extent that he was prepared to have sex with her (a huge deal for Tom).

Which suddenly explained why Rook gave Hal a flask full of blood. Now re-addicted, Hal turned to Natasha for help. She told Tom and bam, one vampire vs werewolf conflict to give Hatch power and keep Rook in a job when everything goes to hell and supernatural creatures come crawling out of the woodwork. Presumably.

It was great seeing everything come together in this episode. Rook has seemed a bit aimless and, dare I say it, pathetic at times in previous episodes, but now we know where he stands and why. And after that ending, with blood addict Hal locking himself in a pub with a bunch of unsuspecting patrons, I’m sure there are some viewers that hope Tom finds him and kills him.

Alex has shaped up to be a great character, isn’t she? She showed a lot of initiative this week — without her suspecting Hatch, stealing the file and trying to figure out that photographic clue, the boys perhaps wouldn’t stand a chance in next week’s episode. And how fantastic was that ending with poor Alex trapped in her own grave by Hatch?

It’s just a shame that so close to the end of the series we’re being treated to Annie and Mitchell part deux. Was the furthering of their relationship this week a hint at Alex doing what Annie couldn’t, pulling her blood addict boyfriend back from the edge and calming the situation? On the one hand, sweet. On the other, I prefer the trio as friends, with the friendship between all of them being equally important. Your mileage may vary, dear reader.

Overall, a great episode. Hatch has finally risen, but what will he do next? Whatever it is, I think we can safely say it’ll be a brilliant ending to a fantastic series.

What did you think of ‘No Care, All Responsibility’? How do you feel about Hal/Alex? What do you think Hatch will do next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!