Revenge Season 2: Saying Goodbye to Fauxmanda

Revenge Season 2 Episode 14 Sacrifice (2)

In the February 17 episode of the second season of Revenge, the woman formerly known as Emily Thorne but now known to the residents of The Hamptons (and the world) as Amanda Clarke (actress Margarita Levieva), perished after a deadly encounter with local bad boy Nate Ryan (recurring actor Michael Trucco) aboard Jack Porter’s (series regular Nick Wechsler) beloved boat “The Amanda” while she and her new husband (Jack) were setting out on their honeymoon.

As viewers of the ABC soap opera know, Fauxmanda – the moniker for which Emily aka Amanda became known to the fans of the show – wasn’t exactly a favorite character; after all, while she was willing to switch lives with the real Amanda Clarke (series regular Emily VanCamp), who sought revenge against the Grayson family and all those who caused the imprisonment and ultimate death of her father David Clarke (recurring actor James Tupper), the fake Amanda wasn’t a good girl.

We were first introduced to Amanda Clarke in the November 2011 episode entitled “Charade” that explained how the two girls switched names. This discovery was made by Frank Stevens (former recurring actor Max Martini) head of security for the Grayson family, who tracked down Fauxmanda at her then current place of employment, a strip joint. When Frank got too close to figuring out the truth about the girls, Fauxmanda eliminated him with a tire iron.

Because of that deadly action, Amanda went running straight to Emily for help, sticking around The Hamptons for the following eight episodes, integrating herself into the lives of not only the Grayson family but also Jack, the childhood sweetheart of the real Amanda. Jack, of course, was completely in the dark about the switch and believing that Amanda was finally back in his life, he started a relationship with her.

But, almost as quickly as she arrived on the scene, Fauxmanda disappeared from The Hamptons – being taken away by Emily’s sensei Satoshi Takeda – in a bid to not only save Emily’s secret but also save her then fiancé Daniel’s (series regular Josh Bowman) life.

In the first season finale entitled “Reckoning”, just as Emily was preparing to reveal the truth to Jack, Fauxmanda returned to town with a very big surprise: she was pregnant. And, as the show’s second season got under way, it was clear that Jack and Fauxmanda was a couple even if it only seemed peripherally because of their little bundle of joy. That changed soon enough, though, when – in the October 2012 episode entitled “Intuition” – Fauxmanda took a nasty fall inside the Grayson mansion at a baby shower hosted by queen bee herself Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe), nearly losing her life. Baby Carl was born premature and Fauxmanda nearly lost her life; but she made a remarkable recover and thanks to a DNA test that proved Jack truly was the father, the couple’s love was strengthened and they became engaged.

In the last new episode of the current season entitled “Sacrifice, which aired on February 17, Jack and Fauxmanda got married on the beach with Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) officiating, setting off on the aforementioned ill-fated honeymoon aboard ‘The Amanda’. We all know how that episode ended: with Jack being shot, taken back to shore by Nolan and on the operating table in critical condition while Fauxmanda and Emily fought off Nate on the boat only to end up stranded in the middle of the ocean and Fauxmanda dying in Emily’s arms.

What does this new development mean for those buried feelings between Emily and Jack, well, Jack has to survive his near-fatal injury, recover from losing the (what he thought) was the love of his life and Emily has to first get her revenge on all those who wronged her and her father and then come clean with Jack – that should be easy, right?

Needless to say, no matter how viewers felt about Fauxmanda, she has died and the ramifications of her death are going to be felt for quite some time by all those who knew (or thought they knew) and loved her.

To find out what will happen next, make sure to tune in to ABC for the next new episode of the second season of ‘Revenge’ on Sunday, March 10 at 9/8c.