Nikita Season 3 Review “With Fire”

Nikita Season 3 Episode 12 With Fire (6)

After a lot of solid episodes, with barely a dud among them, this week’s Nikita, ‘With Fire’, left me kind of cold for the first time. We’re back with Amanda, as her 20-year spy partner Ari is left to fend for himself when taken by Division. Of course, this throws some doubt on Nikita’s relationship with Michael, and our heroine has to question how big a toll the spy life can have on a marriage.

And she also has to shake Amanda off at every turn, as her nemesis crosses another line this week. By killing innocent civilians, Nikita has rediscovered her mission statement and rekindled her intense hatred of her former teacher. Random acts of violence around the country present Division with a fresh challenge and some big decisions to make, with those CIA-sanctioned kill missions looking more and more appealing by the day. The Crimson Resistance are a deadlier threat than this new Division have faced thus far, and funds are running low.

For once, the saviour of lives came above everything else, including the impending face-off between Nikita and Amanda. A major smack-down is on its way, for sure, but this week’s episode was more about the moral victory than the final one. It’s touch and go, however, since there’s nothing particularly moral about torturing Ari for information. When Nikita works out that Ari was holding out for so long out of love for his son, she understood on a basic level, and that understanding prompted him to divulge the information she was after.

Owen was finally back this week, and he and Alex shared some further bonding time. It seems odd that Sean is so interested in Alex’s butterfly tattoo, since butterfly tattoos are fairly generic, but her honesty with Owen when she wouldn’t tell her boyfriend must have hurt. Sean has just lost everything that was ever important to him, and now it must feel as if he’s losing Alex, too. This is pretty dangerous, since its Alex who is giving him something to hold on to inside of Division. He never wanted to be a part of it, but his relationship with Alex is what’s dulling the pain.

What did you think of the episode? Will Michael and Nikita really stick to their wedding date? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.