‘Drop Dead Diva’ Not Dead After All

Drop Dead Diva

Back on January 16, we reported here that fan favorite Lifetime dramedy Drop Dead Diva had been unceremoniously canceled by the network despite a major cliffhanger ending.

A few days later, series creator Josh Berman told the fans not to lose hope, as we reported here, and now it seems that Berman was correct in his message to the fans of “don’t give up hope” because the folks at Deadline are reporting that ‘Drop Dead Diva’ will be back after all.

It seems that the cable network “has inked a deal with producer Sony Pictures TV to bring the show back for a fifth season”. Wait, what is that noise? Oh, it’s the fans of the series rejoicing (myself included)!

It would seem from the onset that Lifetime was open to reconsidering the decision to cancel the show IF “Sony TV came up with a new financial model; and after weeks of talks” it looks like “the two sides found a framework that made continuing ‘Drop Dead Diva’ feasible for both of them”. What that will mean for the show in terms of changes in cast, sets, storyline, etc. is hard to tell; but the show will be back on the air.

As fans of the series will recall, the fourth season aired about six months ago, leaving Jane Bingham (series lead Brooke Elliott) on the day of her wedding to beau Judge Owen French (Lex Medlin) just as Grayson (series regular Jackson Hurst) about to admit his true feelings for Jane (sans his girlfriend Deb Dobkins) [Deb’s soul was returned to Earth from Heaven in the body of recently deceased, plus-size attorney Jane Bingham) and as the soul of the real Jane seemingly returned to Earth, but ending up in the body of Owen. See why the fans were up in arms about the cliffhanger?!

Speculation had been running rampant that ‘Drop Dead Diva’ did not “quite fit into the network’s shift toward edgier fare, but the ratings for the show made it a solid performer and the series developed a very loyal following who rallied in support of the show after it was canceled.

There is no news about when the fifth season of ‘Drop Dead Diva’ will, as yet, but it can be presumed that it could be as late as next year before new episodes could air, allowing for time to write the new episodes and film them; but fans can rejoice in the sheer fact that ‘Drop Dead Diva’ is not dead after all.