NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “Lohkay” – A Friend Sacrifices All

NCIS Los Angeles Season 4 Episode 16 Lokhay

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Lohkay,” Sam is once again personally involved in a case when an old friend’s nephew goes missing and may be involved in something extremely dangerous.

Poor Sam. I really felt for him when he told Callen that it seems like every time he tries to help someone, they end up getting hurt – or worse. He also hasn’t had the best of luck with people trying to help him either and I sort of knew that things were going to end badly when it became obvious that Yusef’s nephew was involved with terrorists. It’s sad that Amir couldn’t share his uncle’s convictions and yet I could still sympathize with how he felt. If Yusef had known beforehand that saving Sam would have lost his entire family, would he have still done it? That’s a question I’m glad we’ll never have to ask. Yusef was very honorable for doing what he did and I am glad that at least he survived to the end of the episode. It was sad to know that he’d lost everyone, but as Sam said, at least he did still have one person left in his life. A part of me hopes that Sam keeps his word on that and stays in closer contact with Yusef.

As for the other parts of the story, I totally enjoyed the Kensi and Deeks storyline in this one. The two of them learning more secrets about each other (though admittedly, Kensi didn’t share hers all that willingly seeing as how Deeks snuck a peek at her diary) was great. I now can’t stop thinking about Kensi as a bounty hunter or Deeks as a stripper. I also thought that Callen and Sam had some great scenes in this one. Callen was there to give Sam what he need when he need it; whether that was a stern word to keep his head straight, a sympathetic ear, or even a wise-ass comment to lighten the mood. All of the partnerships were on point in this episode, even Eric and Nell, who only had a few moments of fun before they had to get back to the seriousness of the case.

My favorite bits..

The entire financial freedom seminar conversation. Too hilarious that both thought the other one wanted to go so badly.

“This is gonna be awesome.”

Eric and Nell chair racing in Ops.

“There’s a record?”
“There’s always a record.” – Even in chair racing, apparently.

“I am terrified to even repeat what Hetty said she’d do to me if I ever helped you off the record again.”

Hetty pointing out that Ops wasn’t Sam’s personal lojack system. I hate to say it, but she does kind of have a point.

“Ambassador of what? Ill will?”

“Do I have a choice?”
“Rhymes with ‘no.’ Actually, it’s just ‘no.'”

“I show up late one morning, and this is what happens?”

Callen pointing out that Yusef lost his entire family over principle, not because of Sam.

Kensi admitting that she once considered being a bounty hunter, and the fact that Deeks wasn’t surprised.

Kensi finding out that Deeks had read her diary. Haha!

“I was like a really sad, hand-written novel.”

Kensi taking Deeks to the floor, and the fact that he found a gun while he was down there.

“What is a kid like Amir doing with a handgun?”
“Protection? Maybe he read someone’s diary.”

Sam telling Callen that Hetty did indeed know that he once lived in the boat shed for 3 months, and that it was a good thing he didn’t push it to 4.

Deeks trying to play the “detective” card as the reason he read Kensi’s diary.

Deeks admitting that he used to strip. All I have to say is: PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

“Best. Day. Ever.” – I am so with Kensi on this.

Kensi putting a dollar in Deeks’ pocket and smacking his booty. Yes, I do realize that if he’d done that to her, it would’ve been completely inappropriate, but it still made me giggle.

Poor Sam wondering why it was that every time he tried to help someone, they got hurt.

Callen breaking the somber moment in the car by asking Sam if he wanted a hug. He so totally knows what his partner needs.

“Buckle up, take notes.”

Callen driving Sam’s car = awesome! Loved every second of that scene, especially the spin so that Sam could shoot out the window. Nice!

Hetty telling Sam that the repairs to the Challenger were coming out of his paycheck.

Sam’s sigh before he told Kensi and Deeks that it was Callen driving the Challenger.

“You will keep an eye on him.”
“Don’t I always?”

Kensi (almost) suggesting what Deeks could do with their tickets to the financial seminar. Rude..and also funny.

Deeks calling in an ambulance and the fact that he was quick to point out that the female was not Kensi. Loved that.

“The hell with Habib, save Sam!”

“What’re you going to do?”
“I’m going in through the basement.”
“We have a basement?”

Call me weird, but a part of me was sort of sad that Callen doesn’t have longer hair. Would’ve made him coming out of the water that much more enjoyable. Just sayin’.

Hetty “punishing” Sam by giving him a glass of Scotch whiskey.

Final Funny Blackout Moment: “You’ll find out next paycheck.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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