The New Normal Season 1 Review “Rocky Bye Baby” – Rocky Becomes a Mom

In this episode of The New Normal, “Rocky Bye Baby,” we discover Rocky’s longstanding dream of having a child of her own. By the end of the episode, she’s adopted the little girl she’s always wanted. Strangely enough, though Bryan and David wanted to adopt the same girl earlier in the episode. This the beginning of my gripe with this episode.

The show’s conceit is two dads raising a child, correct? So when in the world are we going to see this kid born? The show doesn’t have to draw this pregnancy out as if it’s happening in real-time; let’s just get to the kid, because them actually raising the child is where the comedy is really going to be. The guy at the adoption center is right to say to David and Bryan that they just wait until they actually have their own child. Learn how to parent one kid, first, then think about adding on. I don’t understand their constant need to jump the gun on things. You won’t know how to be a parent until you are one. End of story.

My second gripe–I thought the show would focus more on how Bryan and David hogged all of the baby shower spotlight without focusing on the real reason they’re having the show, Goldie. I was expecting her to confront them at some point, with them realizing their selfishness (a trait that’s becoming too much of theme for my liking) and apologizing. At the very least, I thought Shania or Rocky would have pointed it out. But Shania points it out to Clay, who throws a baby shower without buying a present. To me, it was a waste of a good storyline and a clumsy way to bring Clay into the story. What should have really happened, if Shania’s going to present her mother’s hurt feelings to Clay, would be for Clay to show Shania and Goldie that he’s a changed man and march over to Bryan and David’s house and give them a piece of his mind for snubbing his wife. Oh well.

Thirdly, when did Jane get so non-racist? I know the haircut couldn’t have just taken all of her racism out of her body. Perhaps being around Brice is helping her more than I initially thought (I guess it should, seeing how he’s not shy of scolding her when she acts bad). However, for that change to happen overnight is way too unbelievable. Everything she said and did was out of character. When would she willingly buy an expensive gift for Bryan and David with Rocky as her co-conspirator? I mean, she and Rocky do stuff together, but they aren’t that tight.

Also, can we focus a little more on the actual pregnancy? It’s not like Goldie’s just babysitting a child here. There could be episodes showing particular attention to her and her needs, because the current void of Goldie stories is, frankly, disappointing. This kind of thing happened regularly during Modern Family‘s current storyline. I don’t see why it can’t happen here. I know the focus of the show is Bryan and David’s family-building, but Goldie’s a part of that family, too. Why do we have to focus on David and Bryan’s saccharine-filled Adventures in Expecting each week when Goldie’s the one who’s really the one expecting?

The standout star of the episode was the cursing kid. He was really funny. There were also a couple of funny quips thrown by other characters, but overall, it was just another filler show. Enough with the filler shows! Let’s get to the baby!