The Lying Game Season 2 Review “Bride and Go Seek”

The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 8 Bride and Go Seek (10)

We were left with a doozy of a cliffhanger on last week’s The Lying Game and now, in ‘Bride and Go Seek’, we’re treated to the fallout. Theresa, wherever she is, doesn’t turn up for the wedding and public opinion switches straight to the most obvious explanation. Dan isn’t buying it, however, and despite the empty apartment, car and abandoned wedding ring, he’s convinced that whoever killed Derek has gone after his fiancé for getting too close to the case.

By the end of the episode, we’re no closer to finding out who is behind all of this, but the evidence is certainly pointing towards Ted as the culprit. Then again, we all know by now that the person the show wants us to think of is probably the least likely to be guilty. Alec, for example, has never looked more innocent, and has essentially switched places with former family man, Ted. Emma is still in denial about her father’s true nature, and cracks begin to show in her relationships while she attempts to cover for him.

All of the boys, meanwhile, are looking shadier and shadier by the minute (except maybe Ethan). Thayer has been on the suspect list for some time now, and there was definitely something shady about his behavior this week. Could he have been the one Derek was blackmailing? Or was it Jordan? Again, I think that suspicion has been placed too heavily on Jordan for him to be a real threat, and his unexpected confession to Mads about Rebecca’s secret mission tends to suggest that he’s just in over his head. He is the one who set up Alec, however, and that might put a dampener on his and Mads’ budding relationship.

Speaking of Alec, he and Kristen kill their own romance this week after Ted loses the plot in front of the girls. Considering how functional these people appeared when Emma first came to their house, it’s amazing how shattered the family is now. She’s sticking around because she loves them as individuals now, but soon it’s going to get more dangerous than her foster home ever was. Emma had some sweet moments with Laurel, especially, this week, as they both acknowledge that without all of the craziness, they would never has known each other. Awww.

So does Ted know where Theresa is? Does he even know about the twins? If the motive behind Derek’s murder was to keep the twin secret covered up, then wouldn’t the culprit have to be one of those in the know? If Ted was in on it then I think he would have noticed to completely different Sutton’s living under his roof. The final scene marks him as a suspect, of course, but I have a feeling it’s going to be someone even more unexpected.

What did you think of the episode? Do you still suspect Jordan now that we know more about his past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.