Survivor: Caramoan Review “There’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay”

Usually the post-tribal scenes on Survivor are very uneventful. The group shambles back to the campfire in that creepy blueish night vision, they mutter a few things about being upset/happy about the outcome, then they cut to the opening credit sequence. However, “There’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay” was definitely different! Shamar went on a downright tirade against Reynold and his alliance as soon as they got back to camp, but then he ends up turning around and screaming at other people who voted with him! We rarely see people outright yelling at other people in this game anymore, but this guy was on the warpath!

Shamar’s attitude in the post-tribal scenes was abrasive, but his attitude afterwards was downright offensive to me. His talk to Sandra Bullock – I mean Sherri about wanting to quit was so frustrating to me. Oh, you aren’t happy? People are being immature and dishonest? Guess what? You’re on Survivor! Aren’t you supposed to be a super fan of this show? Didn’t you know exactly what it would be like? I totally loved Reynold pointing out that he was trying to make himself look like a hero by “unquitting”. Total BS.

Anyway, the immunity/reward challenge tonight had to be one of the best in recent memory. Puzzles are almost always a part of Survivor challenges, but it’s often hard to gauge how far ahead one tribe is over the other. However, this challenge was so well designed and so well laid out that you knew what was going on at all times. Really great stuff.

So the Favorites ended up winning it again, and this sends the Fans to their second consecutive tribal. I was concerned after the beginning of the episode that Shamar’s tribe would want to keep him around because he’s so unlikable, and unfortunately that seems to be the case. Even after Shamar foolishly gave up his alliance’s plan to vote out Hope, they still keep him around for one more week. Here’s hoping that he does something even more stupid and finally gets ousted by his group. Either that or he’ll quit. Fingers crossed!

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Random Thoughts:

– Does Philip know that you aren’t allowed to double dribble?

– I loved Michael putting his hand out for Shamar to give him a high five before the challenge, only to be denied. To be fair, I don’t think Shamar was just being a douche like usual. I don’t think he could see Michael’s hand because of his goggles.

– I’m glad that Jeff has dropped all pretense and started referring to the two tribes as “Fans” and “Favorites”. RIP “Bikal” and “Gota”.