Psych Season 7 Chat – Jokes, Clue and Music


So, Psych-Os, last season’s finale of Psych ended on a tense note, didn’t it? With Henry getting shot in the chest, fans have been waiting with bated breath to see if he’ll make it out okay. It’s safe to assume that in the Season Seven premiere, “Santa Barbaratown 2, Lethal Weapon 5,” he will survive, but still, the fear of losing a cast member is a lot to take in. Of course, the fear of losing his father might actually make Shawn end the remaining bitterness he has toward Henry and realize that he’s lucky to have his long-suffering father in his life. Henry might finally admit (more openly than usual) that his love for Shawn has never wavered–who knows what the Spencers might say or do in the face of such a horrific event.

But the father-son relationship developments are only the beginning! There are tons of developments to look forward to this season, including much of what was talked about in the conference call with Dulé Hill and Steve Franks. Let me boil it down to several key points:

Shawn and Juliet: Juliet and Shawn moving in together is going to be a huge plot point this season. As Franks said, we’re getting closer to that moment when the secret Shawn’s been hiding for six seasons will have to be addressed. That secret being, of course, the fact that Shawn’s not really a psychic. Could it tear up their relationship? Well, we might not get to have that question answered until Season Eight, but surely, there will be tremendous fallout, even if Juliet decides to stay with Shawn. As we all know, Juliet values honesty above all and soon, all of Shawn’s lies will come home to roost.

Gus’ girlfriend: This is the season we are supposed to see Gus with not just one girlfriend, but two women fighting over him! The idea of Gus having a girlfriend is…weird? I mean, it’s not like I think Gus should just live as an asexual being or something, but it’ll actually be really strange to see Gus attached to someone else aside from Shawn. Gus does deserve some relationship happiness and normalcy in his life–and, this time, with a girl who isn’t a psych ward patient or a possible killer or a member of a cult.

Lassiter and Marlowe: Will this be the season Marlowe gets out of jail? If so, this would be the most girlfriend-laden season yet, I think. Usually, it’s just Shawn with the girlfriends. But anyway, the Marlowe/Lassiter relationship has been one of my favorites, simply because Lassiter is so borderline-crazy that, of course, he would date someone like Marlowe, someone who is half-crazy herself. Their devotion to each other (which, to me, seems a little Sweeney Todd-ish) is oddly adorable, though. If she does get out of jail this season, I wonder what type of Lassiter we’ll be privy to.

Musical episode and homages: I think this is the first time I’ve seen a crime show do a musical episode. Of course, it’s not like Psych is Law and Order, but for me, an intermediate Psych-O, it’s going to really be an experience. My sister, the real Psych-O in the family, is jumping up and down to see the episode and she should–this episode is bound to be one of the most creative episodes yet.

The episode I’m actually more excited about is the Clue episode. Clue is a criminally underrated film and to see the film get some love is awesome, especially since some of the original Clue cast members–Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren–will be together once more. If only Tim Curry could come back…but he’s already Nigel St. Nigel and we can’t have dueling Tim Currys in the world or the universe would explode.

Along the smorgasbord of new names for Gus, jokes about ’80s movies and strange sing-song quips, this season is going to be jam-packed with craziness. All we need now is for Gus and Shawn to solve a mystery involving a pineapple as a murder weapon and we’ll be set for life.