Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Review “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” appropriately-titled “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” Spencer at long last told the girls about the Toby situation, or at least Emily and Aria, as Hanna was off dealing with the ramifications of last episode’s Wilden escapade. She let the girls know that she thought Toby was himself was “A” but Em in particular wasn’t convinced. She reminded Spencer of the fact that Lucas was blackmailed into being on the “A”-Team and thus, Toby might have been as well, but Spencer is convinced otherwise, and won’t accept any ideas to the contrary.

Aria then goes over to Ezra’s to find Malcolm unexpectedly waiting for her. Ezra then drops the bomb that not only is Maggie in town, but she’s looking for employment in the area, planning on relocating to Rosewood, as that would be best for “everybody.” Aria is unsure about all that, but nonetheless gives it her best poker face and plays with Malcolm and his daddy in the meantime.

While Hanna stresses over the news, looking to see if there’s anything about Wilden on it, Emily is frustrated by the lack of help or belief of Toby’s innocence. Indeed, Em is clearly in the minority of believing Toby wasn’t as bad as everyone is saying. She desperately looks for evidence, while Hanna jumps at the sound of police sirens, ultimately unable to sit still and has to leave. To make matters worse, she can’t talk about the situation with Wilden to the girls, as her mother made her swear not to.

Spencer receives the funeral wreath we saw at the end of the episode, with the warning: “Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips.” Which of the girls will be the target? She’s not waiting around to find out and goes to confront Mona, who makes some thinly-veiled threats towards the girls. She also hints that there may be more to that wreath than meets the eye…a bug perhaps? There’s got to be a way “A” knows so much, and she/he did bug Dr. Sullivan’s office before. It makes sense that all the girls’ houses would be bugged, and would explain a lot.

Aria goes home to get some old toys for a babysitting gig with Malcolm later, and her mom comes in. Aria’s behavior screams “up to something” but mom lets her slide…for now. Meanwhile, Em goes to Toby’s house and discovers no one has been there for some time, as evidenced by the mail piling up. It’s confirmed by a new character, Chris, who seems a bit shady himself. Claiming to be Toby’s co-worker who’s covering for him while he’s out of town for some sort of “family thing,” he indicates that he has Toby’s truck and that he likely has keys to his house as well.

Spencer realizes that two of the letters on the gold-foil wreath message are not shiny: the letters “E” and “M.” Could Emily be the next target of “A”? She warns her, but Em is dubious at best. Emily also has a decent theory about Toby that makes sense: the reason that he was able to find Dr. Sullivan so readily is that she was on the “A”-Team blackmail list and would be able to ensure that Mona was committed to an institution instead of jailed, which she did. If she could be blackmailed, why not Toby?

She decides to go to the police station to do a little more digging. After her mom is called away from her desk, she goes on to her computer and looks up Toby’s faux name for when he snuck into Radley, “E. Lamb.” We never quite see the picture that comes up, but immediately Em is texted by Toby- or at least, someone posing as him- and told to stop looking, and that they could meet later.

No sooner does that go down than we see Mona with a sizeable amount of cash, definitely up to no good. Spencer sees it, too, and follows her right to the woods, where she gives chase. Honestly, don’t these girls know better than to go off into the woods alone by now? I’d at least have a weapon of some kind, especially knowing how crazy Mona is.

She comes across a seemingly-dead body, which she identifies as Toby from the tattoo. However, she never looks at his face, nor does she confirm he’s dead, so it could be anyone, really, just posing as Toby, or it could be Toby, only actually passed out unconscious, not dead. I guess we’ll have to find that out later. Whatever the case, Mona yells to Spencer that “He’s Dead!” and we’re off and running again, but Mona gets away, leaving Spencer lost and wandering in the woods alone.

Hanna goes home to find a car honking in her garage, and no, that’s not a metaphor. It’s Wilden’s car, and the dashboard-cam footage of Ashley’s showdown with Wilden is playing on a loop. Now she has to tell somebody, but opts not to tell the police, feeling that the evidence against her mother is too damning. Instead, she and Aria make the somewhat dubious choice to sink the entire car into the lake. There’s a breathless “Psycho”-style moment, where it looks like the car might not sink- or that the red police lights might stay on, but sink it does.

Aria is not happy about that situation, nor is she thrilled about another incident that just went down. While babysitting Malcolm, she wasn’t paying attention and he falls down and busts up his chin, resulting in a frantic Aria having to take him to the hospital. While Ezra is comforting, saying that boys will be boys and he’s still learning how to do the parent thing himself, Maggie gives her the cold shoulder, and the doctor has her removed, as she is not “immediate family.” Ouch!

Aria finally caves and tells her mom about the Ezra/Maggie/Malcolm thing, and her mom is surprisingly supportive, acknowledging what a big step parenting is, but not necessarily dis-encouraging Aria from it, either. Perhaps she’s making up for her dropping of the ball in that whole thing with her husband’s ex and her lack of involvement in that. Whatever the case, her advice to Aria is sound. It’s a big step, especially for a high schooler.

Emily goes to an isolated locale (of course) to meet with Toby, but he never shows, what with his being either dead or hiding out. I almost thought that the dead guy might be newbie Chris, but after sitting there for two hours, she spots the girl in the red coat and gives chase, and there Chris is, working in a place that looks like a chop-shop or the like. Another “A” hang-out? Chris calls Em by name, despite the fact that she never told him and claims to have not seen the red-coat girl or Toby.

She storms out, none too happy, only to find her windows smashed and a message that looks to be written in blood: “Toby is no more.” There’s also a leaflet of the sort one gets at funerals, with Toby’s picture and the caption: “In Loving Memory…” Another confirmation that “A” had Toby killed or another bit of subterfuge to make Em think he is?

Meanwhile, a park ranger finds a dazed and confused Spencer wandering the woods aimlessly, with blood on her. She has no identification and is bordering on catatonic, so they take her to Radley for a psych evaluation and possible interment, at least in the short-term. Either way, Spencer is not looking good, and if anything, even worse than before, and who’d have thought that was possible after the last few weeks? Things also aren’t looking good for Hanna and her mother when the show ends with a fisherman finding an incriminating police cap in the same lake that Hanna disposed of the car in.

What did you think of this week’s “Pretty Little Liars”? We’re definitely winding down the current storyline, what with only three episodes left. (Already! No!) Will Hanna and her mom get caught? Is Wilden still alive? Does “A” have a copy of the Wilden incident and will he/she use it to blackmail Hanna? Are Aria and Ezra doomed? Do Emily and Spencer really need to stop going spooky places alone? (Actually, I can answer that one: yes.) Will Spencer ever bounce back from all this insanity, literally and figuratively? Is Toby really dead?

Let me know what you think in the comments!