POLL: Who is Your Favorite Villain on Person of Interest?

Elias, Reese, Stanton, Quinn, Special Counsel, Root, Finch - Person of Interest

Ah, villains! They make our dramas so… dramatic. To have good drama, you need interesting villains. Otherwise there is no real sense of danger and the show will not keep you engaged. In my opinion, Person of Interest has done a good job of introducing more than one great villain. These recurring characters are woven into the fabric of the show and its mythology.

Let’s take a look at what I consider to be the worst villains.

Carl Elias

A very powerful mob boss, currently in jail, Elias is still able to influence events on a significant level. He tracked down and ordered the execution of his own father, which was payback for his father ordering him executed when he was younger. Nice family, right?

His goal is to unite the “5 families” and part of his plan to do so involved killing all of the dons of those families. Elias has recently worked in concert with Reese and Finch, partly from gratitude because they saved his life.

Root aka Samantha “Sam” Groves

Root and Finch - Person of Interest

A very intelligent and determined woman, Root has computer skills that possibly surpass Finch, and a very cool temperament. She is capable of harming people without feeling any remorse.

Her goal is not to control the Machine, but rather she wants to “set it free.” She seems willing to kill anyone that gets in her way, and has already left several dead bodies in her wake.

Alonzo Quinn

Quinn - Person of Interest

Quinn is the head of HR and also the chief of staff in the Mayor’s Office. HR is a group of corrupt cops who work with the criminal underworld. They have worked with Carl Elias in the past and are now courting the Russian Mob to gain resources to rebuild after an almost devastating bust by the FBI.

Special Counsel

Special Counsel - Person of Interest

We do not have a name for this person, but he is involved in some sort of plan that involves the Machine. His new secretary is none other than Root, so this is also bringing her closer to finding the Machine. One of his associates, Denton Weeks, was killed by Root. He has ordered the death of Reese, and almost succeeded on more than one occasion.

Kara Stanton

Stanton and Reese - Person of Interest

Kara is a former CIA operative and Reese’s former handler. They worked together for a few years, before they were each ordered independently to take the other one out. While Reese ultimately could not do it, Kara had no problem shooting him. She has almost managed to kill Reese on two occasions now, the latest time by using a bomb vest.

Is she currently dead? We did not see a body after the car she was in exploded. She was supposedly killed by a blast from a cruise missile in Ordos, China, but managed to survive. So, I it is not beyond the realm of possibility that she is still alive.


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My choice? I think I have to go with Root. Her crazy computer skills, sheer, single-minded determination and lack of remorse put her over the top as the most evil villain in my mind!

Please be sure to let me know your thoughts on any of the villains I have highlighted, and on my favorite villain. I love hearing your thoughts!