New Girl Season 2 Review “TinFinity” – Bromance is Forever

As Schmidt and Nick celebrated ten years of co-habitation, CeCe really got something to celebrate when her arranged marriage was finalized with a surprisingly elaborate proposal in “TinFinity,” this week’s episode of New Girl. For once, Schmidt didn’t even mind that his decorations and music and lights went to waste; he was just devastated to watch the woman he still loves agree to marry someone she barely knows.

Maybe if he’d stop using words like “bone” to describe what he wanted to do with CeCe for the rest of his life, he might have been the one proposing to her, but then he wouldn’t be Schmidt, would he? Truthfully, that is who he is, and any woman who is going to be with him needs to accept that and maybe even learn to love it. I thought CeCe would be that woman, and I still hold out hope for a Schmidt-engineered, end of The Graduate moment where he sweeps her away from her Bollywood fantasy wedding, but if it doesn’t happen, I hope he’s given another love interest soon.

For now, I’ll be content with his intense bromance with Nick. Whether Nick likes it or not, they’re friends forever, and as far as friends go, Schmidt is at least loyal, if not always tactful or discreet. Given enough time to adjust his schedules and rules, Schmidt would even get used to Jess and Nick together…if they could both get it together long enough to make that happen.

But Jess spent the episode on a quest to make Nick not be the last guy she kissed. She thought she’d found the perfect man in a famous football player friend of Winston’s, but it turned out that he was the polar opposite of stoic, anti-emotional Nick, and that too much sensitivity and commitment isn’t a good thing, either. Still, she can’t quite admit that Nick’s kiss rocked her world and she continues to, quite literally in this case, run away from the truth.

I feel like this could all come to a head at CeCe’s wedding. Crossing my fingers that I’m right. Oh, and notice how I’ve neglected to mention Nick buying a toxic port-o-potty? Yeah, let’s just leave that right where it landed and not pick it up again.

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