Cult Season 1 Review “In the Blood” — Who is Steven Rae?

This week Cult continued with ‘In the Blood’, which built on the mystery established in last week’s premiere.

After the death of Miriam, the only person who could provide Jeff with answers about his brother’s disappearance, Jeff and Skye set about contacting Miriam’s husband. The man was reluctant to talk to them, and as they investigated further, they learned that not only is he involved in the ‘Cult’ fandom in some way, but he’s also liaising (and perhaps more) with the police woman in charge of the case surrounding Nate’s disappearance. Mysterious indeed. But before Jeff could attempt once more to get information out of the man, he died when his home was destroyed in a deliberate gas leak.

It was inevitable that Jeff and Skye would look at Miriam’s life for more information about the ‘Cult’ fans, and it wasn’t a surprise when her husband was revealed to be a fan. But after Miriam’s death last week, I had hoped for a little more information about the fandom itself, at the very least, if not the crazy underground fans that seem to be behind the mysterious happenings.

There wasn’t actually much worthwhile in Jeff and Skye’s part of the show beyond the reveal of a mysterious symbol (which, if the researcher or the journalist bothered to do any research, they would learn is called a triskele) and the crazy fans potentially having Nate (helpfully called ‘my/your brother’ for the entire episode, as if he doesn’t have an actual name). The police woman being involved with the crazy fans was actually revealed to the audience last week — it’s a shame the reveal wasn’t held over until this episode so we could share the surprise that Jeff and Skye felt.

Also this week, Skye admitted that she took a job on ‘Cult’ in order to learn more about Steven Rae, the mysterious creator, who may be connected to her father’s murder. But her attempt to get closer to learning more about Steven Rae is thwarted by a co-worker. Bad luck, or is he part of ‘Cult’s mysterious fandom?

On ‘Cult’ itself, Kelly investigated a murder linked to Billy Grimm, while the actor behind Billy Grimm asked the execs for more input into the plot. Perhaps a bad idea given that an exec who asked Steven Rae to alter the show in some way was kidnapped by his fans, seemingly called ‘true believers’, and tortured, perhaps killed. One of the fans involved, a woman who works at the fan.dom.ain bar, later picked up Billy Grimm at a gym…

We’re only two episodes in, but I’m finding ‘Cult’ the show to be much more interesting. It’s a shame we don’t get to spend more time in that world, not only because the idea of a police officer playing cat and mouse with the cult leader she ran away from is simple yet effective, but because Robert Knepper and Alona Tal are easily the better actors on this series.

How about you, dear reader: What did you think of ‘In the Blood’? Do you prefer Cult or the in-series show ‘Cult’? Do you have any theories about what the heck may be happening in this show? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!