Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “Carbon Copy”

It’s very rare on this show that we get the “Previously on Criminal Minds” recap scenes, but we actually got them for tonight’s episode “Carbon Copy”. We got previous scenes from the show concerning The Replicator, AND we got a quick reminder of the Zugzwang taunt that Reid received. These quick scenes led into the actual case, as the team makes their way to Philly for the first full-on investigation of The Replicator!

Before the team left, we got a little drama going on back at the BAU with Strauss and Blake butting heads again. I really don’t care about neither Strauss nor Blake’s characters enough to care much about their little spat, though. I never really liked Strauss, period. When I saw Jayne Atkinson on the great new Netflix show House of Cards, I was hoping she’d stay on that show for good. Oh well…

Anyway, it’s hard to believe that we’ve seen so many scenes about this serial killer and have been watching bits and pieces of him all season, and now we’re finally on the way to catch him! I was sure that they would save this case for the season finale, but I was all ready to!

We were quickly introduced to the guy who we suspect to be The Replicator, and it’s a Mr. Donnie Bidwell played by great TV character actor Scott Grimes. Scott plays the put-upon loser in just about every show he’s in, and tonight was no different. You might know him as the problematic Sergeant Malarkey from Band of Brothers or the haphazard Doctor Morris from ER, but in everything he’s in he seems to be playing the guy whose life is crap.

Well, it’s quickly evident that Bidwell is actually not The Replicator, but the team was able to track the real one down to an abandoned warehouse in Pittsburgh. It’s at this warehouse that the team finds not only another dead body, but an incredibly creepy and scary collage of all of the team members’ pictures! It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find The Replicator, and we may have to wait until the season finale as I predicted!

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Random Thoughts:

– Tonight’s opening quote by Charles Caleb Colton was humorously on-the-nose: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

– I wonder what it must be like to work in the prop department for Criminal Minds. “Hey, we need you to make a bunch of torn-out eyelids and put them in a envelope. Thanks!”

– The idea of a prolific serial killer getting weaker minds to carry out his bidding was very reminiscent of the current Kevin Bacon series The Following over on FOX.