The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Review “Caught”

The Carrie Diaries Episode 7 "Caught"

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, it’s time for the winter dance on The Carrie Diaries, and we all know that school dances are just a quick and easy way on teen dramas to sort through all of the show’s relationships. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, as ‘Caught’ proves with its clean slate at the end.

Starting with Carrie, she and George are going steady and getting more and more serious. Now at boyfriend/girlfriend status, she should be thinking of him alone, but can’t seem to get the idea of her and Sebastian out of her head. For two thirds of the episode, we’re definitely on George’s side – he’s the nicest, most reliable guy, after all – but then his antics after the dance cause Carrie to break up with him. Sebastian may have slept with his old teacher, but at least he cares about what Carrie cares about. George just wanted to get his end away, and Carrie was having none of it.

Mouse, on the other hand, is so happy with her sex life that it’s distracting her from her schoolwork, and she gets her first ever B+ on a test. In an attempt to make it up with extra credit and avoid the wrath of her parents, she spends the night of the dance frantically trying to get the work finished. She fails, and in several, desperate, last ditch attempts, she’s caught trying to break into her teacher’s office. She’s lost her mind in trying to juggle everything, and she decides that the best thing to do must be to break up with Seth. I’m not sure this was the right decision, but maybe she hadn’t gotten to the ‘woman can have it all’ attitude yet.

Maggie’s love life is similarly getting her into trouble, as Walt’s sudden bout of chicken pox mean that she has to attend the dance all by her lonesome. Of course, when girls like Maggie are alone their independent spirit quickly turns into an attempt to distract themselves, and who should be there but her hunky policeman? She swore last week in a fit of character growth that she wouldn’t go back to him now that she and Walt were trying again, but her resolve doesn’t last long. To add insult to injury, Donna sees them together, and she now has to tell Walt before he finds out from someone else.

But it’s not all about boy troubles, since Carrie is finally offered a job at Interview magazine. Should she take it? Obviously the audience would love nothing more than to see a teenage Carrie Bradshaw cut her journalistic teeth on a glamorous fashion magazine, but the show has to lay some moral dilemmas in her way before she makes a final decision. Her dad got her the internship at the law firm, after all, and everyone in New York still thinks that she is an adult woman. The next few weeks are going to turn into a farce of mistaken identity, and I can’t wait to see how she juggles high school and an editorial job without slipping up.

What did you think of the episode? Were Carrie and Mouse right to end their relationships? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.