The Biggest Loser Season 14 Review “Face Your Fears”

As indicated by the title of the episode, The Biggest Loser contestants faced their fears this week. After Francelina’s departure, Alison lead the group outside for a cinder block stacking challenge. The contestants had to stack cinder blocks in front of pictures any contestant except their own. The last contestant with an uncovered picture would leave the ranch.

As a reward for her complaining and often distracting behavior, Gina received the reward of becoming the target of her fellow contestants. Things went according to plan until Jackson asked everyone to stop stacking blocks in front of his picture. He was ready to face his fear of not being able to lose weight on his own at home. Jeff ignored Jackson’s plea and continued to try protecting him. It was a tight race, but Jackson got his wish. As a “parting gift” he was told to select another contestant to leave the ranch with him. Jeff volunteered and the two were gone.

Facing fears was not just for the adults.

Jillian convinced Sunny to have a conversation with her mother about her fear of losing her to an obesity-related illness. The conversation got off to a rocky start, but Sunny eventually got through to her mother.

Interestingly, Bingo had a fear of vegetables. Thanks to some great recipe advice from Bob, Bingo enjoyed some vegetable meatloaf and took a step towards getting past his fear.

Recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic, Lindsay was afraid of living her life with diabetes. After speaking with a staff member at her school who deals with the condition every day, Lindsay was inspired to work even harder to improving her health.

As for the adults, Jillian helped Gina realize that her fear of small spaces was actually a fear of death and failure. In true Jillian style, she made Gina spend a few minutes in a coffin. Gina was understandably panicked but appeared to make progress.

Jillian also helped Danni realize that her fear of singing in public was actually a fear of being seen and exposed. Jillian arranged a trip to a lounge and Danni faced her fear and sang the National Anthem.

Bob helped Joe realize that his fear of sharks was actually a fear of losing control. How does Bob address the fear? Drop Joe in the ocean and make him swim 500 meters.

Jeff’s voluntary decision to go home and try to keep up with his plan helped him face his fear of failure.

Jackson’s fear of heights was of course addressed by having him fall from a tall building.

After facing their fears, the contestants faced a weekly challenge that involved a high ledge and lifting 40% of their weight. As the last one standing, Gina won immunity and more contempt from her fellow Biggest Loser contestants.

At the weigh-in, Jeff and Jackson did pretty good at home. Unfortunately for Jackson, his 11-pound loss still landed him below the yellow line with Alex. The contestants sent Alex home and she appears to be thriving. Only 5 contestants remain!

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