Supernatural Chat: What Will Castiel be up to in Season 9?

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Hey there Supernatural fans! Well, the good news just keeps on coming. In my last chat, I talked about all the things I’d like to see in Supernatural season 9. One of the things I hoped for was for more Castiel and it seems like The Powers That Be were listening, because we’ve just gotten news that not only will Misha Collins be back next season, he’s being upped to a series regular.

For anyone who’s read even a few of my reviews or articles on this column, you know that the excitement level I am feeling right now is pretty much close to epic. Especially when I heard that Collins will also be directing an episode next season as well.

Castiel (and Misha) Gets the Recognition he Deserves

I’m not one of those people who wanted to see Sera Gamble’s head on a pike after she took the reins for season 6, but I will admit to being very bummed about where Castiel went last season. After being upped to a regular and then summarily dropped to barely appearing in season 7, I wondered if perhaps the show was done with our favorite angel. But with this recent news, I feel like Castiel (and Misha) is getting the recognition he deserves.

Fair Warning: Copious Castiel Love Ahead

Fair warning, ahead you will find massive amounts of love for Castiel. If you do not like Cas and would rather he disappear from Supernatural forever, you may want to avoid reading the rest of this article. Just sayin’. Also, I’ve said it once but I believe it bears repeating here: my love of Castiel does not completely overshadow my love for Sam and Dean. I love the boys and know that they will always be the center of the show, as they should be. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t love other characters too, and Cas is one of those others.

Collins in the Director’s Chair

Let’s talk a bit more about the news that Misha will be directing an episode next season. So far, Jensen Ackles has sat in the director’s chair three times on the series and I think he’s turning into quite a good director. Jensen and Misha are very different people though, and seeing how wacky Misha’s humor is (check out his Twitter if you don’t believe me), I have to wonder if they’ll let him take the reins on one of their more humorous episodes. Then again, it could also be a lot of fun to see him tackle something extremely dramatic as well.

Castiel: Ruler of Heaven?

This season, we’ve seen that Castiel has had some, shall we say, issues since his return from Purgatory. As I said in my last Supernatural Chat article, I hope that he takes out Naomi and puts order back in Heaven. Now that we know he’ll be back next year as a regular character, that could be a very likely possibility. We don’t know what kind of baddies Sam and Dean will be facing next season, but chances are that they’ll be terribly evil and wouldn’t it be nice for them to have an ally in Heaven to help with all that?

Castiel: Powerless (aka Human)?

As much as it would be to see Castiel ruling Heaven, I’m the first to admit that it would be pretty predictable. Not only that, but we’ve basically already seen that before. Sure, it ended last time with him going off the deep end and ultimately unleashing Leviathans on the planet, but he did do it. Just by taking over and NOT nearly destroying the planet, he will have redeemed himself, but what if they decide to take the story in a completely different direction? Admittedly, we’ve seen Cas lose his powers before and slowly slide toward humanity, but what if he made the plunge completely this time? What if whatever happens in Heaven this season strips him of his angel-ness and he’s forced to live life as a human forever (or at least until the show decides to give him his powers back)? That could be an interesting way to go with his story as well.

Whatever happens, I know that I’ll likely enjoy what they do with Castiel next season. Honestly, the only way they could disappoint me would be to get rid of him and since it’s obvious that’s not going to happen, I’m fairly certain I’m going to like where they take Cas next season.

What about you folks? What did you think when you heard the news that Misha Collins was being made a regular in Supernatural season 9? Were you excited by the news or disappointed? What kinds of stories do you hope they’ll have in store for Castiel next season? Sound off in the comments below. I love hearing from you guys!

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