NCIS Season 10 Review “Detour” – Ducky and Jimmy Play the Heroes

NCIS Season 10 Episode 16 Detour

In this episode of NCIS, called “Detour,” Ducky and Jimmy find themselves more deeply involved in a case than ever before and have to use their combined wits to get them out.

You know, if the writers of this show don’t slow down, my list of favorite episodes is going to be topped with ones from this season. First we had the wonderful Christmas episode with Tony and his dad, then an appearance of little Abby a few episodes back, and now this one.

Ducky and Jimmy are great characters and it was a real treat to see them have so much screen time in this episode. I loved getting to find out all the little things about their routine that we’ve never known all these years. Such as how they decide who’s going to drive, whose turn it will be to choose the radio station and more. Those are the kinds of things that I never really thought about before, but knowing them now makes me very happy and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to watch the two of them drive up to a crime scene again without wondering whose turn it was to drive them there.

I also really liked seeing how their close relationship helped them to get out of their situation. Sure, Gibbs and the team had to come rescue them at the last second, but you have to admit that they had done a pretty good job at keeping themselves alive at that point. The little moments we had where Ducky and Jimmy thought that they were going to die were great too, because we got to see how close they had become as friends.

Overall, what else can I say except: Bravo! If this is the kind of character development we’re going to see ten seasons in, then go ahead and bring on ten more seasons. I’m ready for much more.

My favorite bits..

“I’m not going to touch your lump, Tony.” – So many dirty jokes are running through my head right now.

Tony calling Jimmy “James” and threatening to forward the accidental email. Oops, he means business.

Finding out that McGee has a concert connection that everyone knows about, except Tony.

Gibbs telling everyone to grab their snack bags. Ha.

The look on Gibbs’ face when McGee asked if they could take separate cars.

Ducky and Jimmy flipping a finger bone to decide who was driving home.

Ducky and Jimmy arguing over the best route home.

Finding out that Ducky and Jimmy apparently have a method for everything.

“Is that what they do, McGee?” – The epic amount of sarcasm in that line was hilarious.

Gibbs making McGee go with Tony so they could work things out. That man misses nothing.

“When you die, I want to dissect your brain.”
“I would consider it an honor and a privilege, Mr. Palmer.”

“If I knew why I didn’t know then I would know what I didn’t know.” – You know, you really can’t fault logic like that.

Gibbs walking into autopsy, not finding Ducky there and knowing immediately that something was wrong.

I know this is a serious situation and all, but Ducky saying “My bad” when they put the gun on Jimmy totally cracked me up.

“Good luck with your autopsy if you kill me.” – Jimmy’s smirk was great. His frown when they suggested they kill him instead – not so much.

“I vote for the autopsy.”

Jimmy’s outgoing voicemail message being on behalf of his phone.

The team going into case-mode as soon as they knew that Jimmy’s cell phone battery had been removed.

Jimmy offering to peel back the skin on the victim’s body so that everyone could see the damage to his ribs. Gee, I wonder why they turned him down?

My expression pretty much matching Jimmy’s when Ducky said they had something better than a weapon: the body. Huh?

“Light me up, lord of the tickets.”

Tony being so proud of the fact that he had been able to pull up Roth’s library card.

Ducky and Palmer using gastric acid to burn through their chains, and the hearing aide to listen in on their captors. Brilliant!

“In case your plan, as brilliant as it is, doesn’t work.”
“Likewise Mr…..Jimmy.” – That part killed me.

Ducky and Jimmy managing to make a bomb with nothing but a dead body and the stuff in that room. Ha! Try THAT MacGyver.

The way Jimmy held that gun.

“I would rather take a stand than get shot in the back.”

Tony, McGee (and me) being surprised when Gibbs had Tony run the plates instead of McGee. Wonder what that was about?

Ducky grumpily reminding Jimmy that 23,000 people sprain their ankles every day without walking in the woods in the dark.

“Doctor, I respect you more than anyone in the world. So please forgive me when I say, go to hell. I’m not leaving you.” – Yes! Jimmy is rocking my socks right now.

Nice! Awesome Rule 9 reference. On a corpse’s foot, no less.

Ducky playing the poor, lost puppy so that Jimmy could shoot the bad guy.

“You can stop shooting, Mr. Palmer.”

Ducky and Jimmy putting their heads together when they thought they were about to die.

“You two okay?”
“We’ve been cleaner.”

“Nice to see you guys. What did we miss?”
“I don’t want to talk about it right now, I’ll probably start crying again.”

“You’ve been played.” – Haha! Ducky has had some great lines this season.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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