Dallas Season 2 Review “Blame Game” – Like Son, Like Mother

I feel like “Blame Game,” this week’s episode of Dallas, could have easily been titled “Just Another Day at Southfork.” JR’s terrible choices came back to bite everyone in the butt, SueEllen let herself get manipulated by the men in her life, Bobby fell for his brother’s tricks, and everyone got held at gunpoint by an escaped convict. You know, business as usual for the Ewings.

I was really hoping that the surprisingly cute bit with JR sending Bobby text messages and making him watch a video clip of a dog playing basketball might have just been a sign that no matter what, they’re still brothers. But no. It was just JR’s way of downloading a virus into Bobby’s laptop that destroyed the Cloud drive on which the evidence of the del Sol fiasco was held. Before the discovery, though, JR disappeared, leaving his son behind take the full weight of Bobby’s righteous fury.

Meanwhile, even after being held hostage, SueEllen couldn’t be persuaded to let Elena keep her shares of Ewing Energy. She’s fully on her son’s side, despite him being ultimately responsible for the near-death situation that occurred when the crazy man he screwed over last season held everyone at the ranch hostage until Christopher could get him the methane patent that JR and John Ross promised. She took over Elena’s shares and plans to sit on the board as her son’s right-hand woman.

Joining her on the board will be Rebecca who settled for ten percent of the company in exchange for Christopher getting full visitation and his annulment after the birth of their babies. Even though she got what her father wanted, Rebecca didn’t seem very happy. Still in love with Christopher? Or just tired of being used by her father in his war with JR?

Last week I asked for the good guys to win one, and I guess someone was listening because, despite being convicted of attempted murder, the jury gave Anne probation instead of 20 years behind bars. The judge even gave Ryland and his mother a wonderful talking-down, making it clear that he and the jury never believed he was an innocent victim. The best news is that Emma is starting to crack, not enough yet to break free of her brainwashing, but enough so that Anne has some hope.

So, I think the stuff with the Venezuelans is finally over, since Elena’s brother shot the leader before he could kill anyone. They even saved the blessed methane patent. JR got away though, which is a shame since we all know how little time he has left on the show. Is anyone hoping he and Bobby might have a final moment together as brothers, or are they so beyond that now?

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