Castle Season 5 Review “Hunt” – A Very Particular Set of Skills

Castle Season 5 Episode 16 Hunt (5)
Is it just me or was anyone else slightly disappointed in the wild twists and turns in “Hunt,” this week’s episode of Castle? After such a tremendous offering last week, an acting triumph for Nathan Fillion, the conclusion of the #SaveAlexis saga felt…um…undercooked?

Maybe it was the separation of Castle and Beckett when he ran off to Paris to find Alexis without her. Why was she suddenly so concerned about jurisdictions and following the rules? It has literally never stopped her before. By not having her in Paris where she could keep Castle grounded and focused, the whole episode took on this weird, James Bond-esque, TV spy movie feeling that totally left me shaking my head.

In Paris, Castle made contact with a character who was a cross between Liam Neeson in Taken and The Mole from South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. Unfortunately, he wasn’t nearly as loyal as either, and once he discovered who really took Alexis, he and his cold feet sold Castle out and nearly got him killed.

Fortunately, Castle was rescued by his before-unknown father, who happens to be a top-secret spy for the American government. It turned out that it was Alexis who was the target of the kidnapping, which explained why only her friend Sara was released once bail was paid. A Russian enemy of Castle’s father kidnapped Alexis as payback for Castle’s father killing his wife years earlier. KGB? Covert ops? Revenge? Watch explosives? A cage in middle of a ballroom? Seriously, all we needed was to have that cage suspended over a pool of sharks. I suspend my disbelief only so far, ladies and gentlemen.

Considering how much time was spent on this kidnapping (two whole episodes), the rescue only occupied the last ten minutes, and before we could even blink, Castle and Alexis were back home, safe and sound, but with a shared secret about their ancestry.

I really kept expecting (or at least hoping for) Castle to wake up at the end, having been talked into sleeping early on, only to find that he’d dreamed the entire thing, and the FBI and Interpol had rescued his daughter while he was out. Sadly, no, this all really happened. Castle’s life is starting to imitate his books, not the other way around. Was that the point of the show all along?

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  • I actually really loved it. LOL I liked the spy-esque feeling to the
    episode, although yes, I wished he had taken Beckett with him. But all
    the stuff you seemed to dislike, I really liked, so… *shrug* haha

    • Kristen Elizabeth

      That’s totally okay:) I think I just wanted a darker, very personal episode for Castle, not a fatherless child’s fantasy. I do appreciate you reading and commenting though, thank you!!

  • Love for castle

    Just you

    • Kristen Elizabeth

      Well, to each their own:) Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • Merff

    I completely agree with your take on this. I hated the way Castle treated Kate in both of these episodes. I found the whole rescue scene ridiculous, and seriously, after all the men Castle’s mother has been with, his dad turns out to be “super spy”. Yeah, right!

  • I enjoyed it, personally I thought it had sort of a Captain Mal feel from Firefly/Serenity.

  • ptjackson

    I enjoyed this episode. I especially enjoyed seeing James Brolin as Castle’s dad. Oh, and Christopher Heyerdahl as the French dude…. Missed him after Sanctuary went off the air.

    I do agree with you that I wish Beckett had gone with him, but then we would have missed the shooting the gun thing, which was pretty cool in my mind! LOL…. In a way, it kind of made sense for her to stay behind and work with Ryan and Esposito too, so I guess I am conflicted.

    I do hope we get to see his dad again, especially since we know he survived!

  • MaryJoe Dissapointed

    I agree that the double episode buildup required a more sophisticated, less rushed conclusion; in the end, bad guys got blown up, Alex and Rick run to the embassy and they are suddenly back home all shiny and new ready for a meal with Martha and Beckett….happy endings all around. Not fully satisfying; especially with it all wrapping up with another poorly lit quick kiss between the otherwise asexual Caskett….oh well, that’s tv….