Bunheads Season 1 Finale Review “Next!”

Bunheads Season Finale Next Episode 18 (5)

If Bunheads doesn’t get renewed (and sadly, the chances feel pretty dim, although there’s still hope), “Next!” would be a strange episode to go out on. Not that I’d be sad, necessarily, that the final scene of the show would then be an elaborate dance to “Makin’ Whoopie,” but it lacks finality. So, too, does the scene before that, in which Ginny admits to Michelle that she’s already had sex, with Frankie, and now he isn’t talking to her. It was a fantastic scene, and another great step in the journey this half of the season has taken in making Ginny into possibly my favorite of the bunheads, but that’s just it; it was a step. It begs to followed up on.

The whole episode was filled with things like that, things that felt like the show was setting itself up for another year, not winding down from this one. And, if I weren’t so worried about the show’s chances in getting renewed, that would really be only a good thing. I love the idea of integrating Scotty into the world of Paradise more fully, and this week’s follow-up on the sisters Stone made me feel like something could actually be done to salvage those characters, who are my least favorite on the show.

If there was one thing that did carry at least a little bit of finality, it was Michelle’s audition, the main thread of the episode. I’m not convinced her dreams of the stage are dashed completely, but you still got the sense that it was at least one more nail hammered in to affix her to Paradise. Especially because it was followed by that scene with Ginny, reinforcing her mother-figure position to the girls. But still, it feels incomplete, and I’m really hoping I’ll be able to keep following Michelle.

And, hey, there were a number of great musical sequences in “Next!” too. Any episode that lets Sutton Foster sing and dance is A-OK as far as I’m concerned, and “Makin’ Whoopie,” weird as it may have been to end on, was fun enough. The most interesting, however, was the “learning about sex” montage, which was cute and interesting and great to watch. Here’s hoping Bunheads comes back, and gives us more to enjoy.