Being Human Season 3 Review “One is Silver and the Other Pagan”

On the latest “Being Human,” we pick up right where we left off, with Aidan seemingly about to be staked by Erin after she tainted his blood with her own, in “One is Silver and the Other Pagan.” At the last moment, Aidan being one of the leads and all, delivers a swift kick to Wolfgirl and its lights out. Had he killed her? Not quite, but damned close.

Meanwhile, Liam speeds to the apartment, but before he gets there, Josh walks up and he has to bail under the circumstances. Josh nonetheless eventually figures out that Liam had to have turned Erin against Aidan because it’s the only thing that makes sense- not that he has any proof. This unfortunately makes it a hard sell for Nora, who should know better, but still has serious trust issues with Aidan.

I suspect he may win her over yet, as he’s got a showdown impending with Liam that could very well reveal who actually killed Brynn- Nora herself. If he were to keep that information a secret under duress (which seemed to be the case in the preview), that would certainly go a long way towards swaying Nora…if he can keep her secret.

Either way, she’s not his biggest fan tight now, so anything he can do would be good, and hitting on her friend (Deanna Russo) is probably not the way to go, even if you can’t blame Aidan there. I’m guessing he doesn’t meet a lot of girls that share his affection for history, so his lapse in judgment is understandable. (It was amusing when he almost gave it away that he actually knew people at the battle they were discussing, because of the, you know, vamp-thing.)

Speaking of lapses in judgment, Sally has one when she looks up Rachel, aka the girl who dated her murderous ex, Danny. Convinced her encounters with Sally in her spectral form meant that she was supernaturally-gifted, she’s joined a Wicca group. Finding her to tell her she wasn’t crazy is understandable- going to a Wicca group? Not too bright, Sally.

Sure enough, the spooks come out at rite- but these are not the specters they are looking for. Instead, they’re haunted horn-dogs looking to jump into ladies, no doubt for any number of immoral purposes. Sally rises to their defense, keeping them from possessing Rachel- and herself, thanks to the handy-dandy “Ghost-Out” pendant around her neck. She does this in front of the whole group, though, none of which can see diddly, and therefore, think she’s gone completely insane. I’m guessing she won’t be invited back. Then again, you never know…

Sally eventually lets slip to the ghosts that she’s back from the dead and doesn’t take kindly to them popping into her friends. She takes one out via metal swipe and the other vanishes on his own. I don’t expect we’ve seen the last of them. However, Sally may be in trouble, as she gives away her protection to Rachel, and almost immediately stuff starts to go wrong, like her hair, which starts falling out in clumps- and what might be some sort of symbol etched into her head, Damien-style. Is it that Voodoo-Hoodoo? Could be.

Nora and Josh discuss what went down with Aidan and Erin, and he lets it be known he thinks Liam is behind it. Nora isn’t so convinced. She wonders if it came down to it between her and Aidan, who would Josh choose to save: him or her? He firmly tells her it would be her, and quite possibly means it, as he meets with his sister and she gives him the ring once intended for the late Julia to propose to Nora with. Might that be bad luck to use the ring, under the circumstances? That’s exactly what Josh wonders. Nonetheless, he clearly looks to be proposing next episode, so we shall see how that goes this time around.

Also on the Aidan front, Kenny has found a new friend. Her name is Blake, she’s a fiery redhead vampire, and if Aidan won’t turn Kenny, she’s more than willing to. Having found the boy by following Aidan around, she gets curious and goes in for a look and figures out what he’s up to. She and Kenny make a deal- she’ll feed on him until he hits 18, then she’ll turn him into a vamp. Only problem, she doesn’t know when to say when and is draining Kenny far too quickly, leaving him in even worse shape than usual.

Aidan tattles on Blake to keep her at bay and off the visitation list for Kenny- she’s told the hospital she was his Aunt- but she compels the staff and sneaks in anyway, where Aidan catches her and warns her off. She wants to rule Boston- he’s been there, done that- so he sends her away. She warns him she’s going to tell other vamps that he chose humans over his own kind, then proceeds to run into Liam, who near-inexplicably lets her go. So, I guess we haven’t seen the last of her- for now. I suspect she won’t last long, acting the way she does.

Neither did Erin. In a shocking pre-emptive move, Liam took her out, no doubt hoping Nora will blame Aidan and join in the fight against him. However, I can’t help but feel that the doctors at that place really need to go back to school if they don’t identify that the girl was suffocated, and didn’t die from her injuries. But will Nora find out before she defects to the other side? I like to hope she will but I’ve always had mixed feelings about her- and it’s just as much her mess as Aidan’s. Doesn’t really seem fair to blame him, when she did the deed on Brynn, but she’s not in the greatest frame of mind.

So, what do you think will go down next week on “Being Human”? What song was the title referencing this week? Have you ever had to confirm the existence of someone’s face? How many heads do you keep in the freezer? The answers to these questions and many more are yours for the taking in the comments section!