90210 Season 5 Review “Strange Brew” – Dream the Impossible Dream

“Strange Brew,” this week’s episode of 90210, was all about finding your dream, whether that’s a singing career or a restaurant with a micro-brewery or just hooking back up with your movie star ex/roommate who likes to go around without a shirt. Remember the homeless guy in Pretty Woman who kept ranting about dreams and Hollywood. I feel like maybe one of the writers is as obsessed with that movie as I was once upon a time.

Annie’s dream is Liam (or Leo, as she’s cleverly dubbed him in her scandalous anonymous autobiography). She desperately wants to get with that, not that any heterosexual woman would hold that against her, but she doesn’t want history to repeat itself while totally messing up her harmonious household. To put a buffer between her and Liam’s abs, she invited new half-brother Mark to stay with them (because Sylmar is another country…you know…since it’s more than a half an hour outside of Beverly Hills).

Of course, that screwed with Naomi’s dream of bonding with her new brother. She did a pretty good job of that herself, though, when she foolishly invited way too many people to the soft opening of the restaurant, forcing her and Mark to work like crazy to make it happen. She did discover that they share a near-lethal allergy to argan oil, though, so that’s something at least. I’m surprised that Naomi, with all of the hair care products she must go through, didn’t already know that. Maybe she’s only allergic on the inside of her body.

Since Silver will never fulfill her dream of carrying her own child (since Teddy is an established douche and the show apparently needed a new female character in the form of her surrogate), she has to settle for her old dream of documentary filmmaking, with Adrianna helping out. What really sucks is that she also has to watch her surrogate fulfill her own dream of a singing career while she gets to have Silver’s dream of being pregnant. Wow. Who has it out for Silver in the writer’s room?

As for Liam, now that he’s free of the burdens of that annoying bout with PSTD, thought that his dream might be opening his own microbrewery in Naomi’s brother’s restaurant, but his beer was as terrible as its name, Court of Appeal. Fortunately he was reminded of that thing he used to love to do (remember when he built an entire boat…that Annie’s ex set on fire?), and he decided to pursue a career in custom surfboards.

Navid might be the only person (besides Silver) whose dreams might have been dashed this week after he foolishly sold out the president of Kronos by exposing his philandering ways to the guys fiancee. Never mess with someone who has proof that you cheated. It’s just smart and isn’t Navid supposed to be smart?

Okay, so here’s my dream. I would really like these characters to stop living in little weekly bubbles where all the stuff that happened to them the week before doesn’t even register in their world anymore. That would be really great. Adrianna’s very public peep show, Dixon’s fling with the dead truck driver’s daughter, Annie’s shooting, Annie’s boyfriend’s post-surgery death, Liam’s kidnapping, Naomi’s marriage…these are massive life events and everyone just seems to expect each other to get the hell over them from week to week. It would be really great to see some consequences for these actions. Getting shot, for example, should not just be another day in the neighborhood!

Sadly, it seems like when it comes to dreams, I’m in the same boat with Silver

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