2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And Not-so-sweet Charity”

On this episode of “2 Broke Girls,” entitled “And the Not-so-sweet Charity,” the girls saw their dreams come crashing down, when they were given a warning of eviction at the cupcake shop after not paying their rent one-too-many times. As if that weren’t bad enough, a local real estate agent announced that they were buying up all the stores in the area for a new Whole Foods, and either they accepted a check for $25,000 or came up with the money for six months in advance to stay at a higher rent price. Safe to say, things were not looking up for our girls.

Caroline: “We can’t just give it up that easy.”
Max: “I can and have and will again.”

Caroline decided to call in a favor from a family member that she’d been hoping to avoid, her Aunt Charity (TV-regular Missi Pyle, perfectly-cast), hence the title. It seems Charity had long-since hated Caroline because she’d accused Charity of breaking her beloved seagull-adorned coffee mug and pulling her hair when she was a child. Caroline wasn’t exactly a huge fan of hers, either, but as Charity was the one family member who still had money, it was in her favor to suck it up and try, or else the cupcake shop was going down in flames. Max agreed and encouraged her as only she can.

Max: “That’s what family is- people who hate you but can’t kill you, because they’re the first ones questioned.”

After the girls waited on her for several hours, it became painfully clear that Charity had not forgiven Caroline for her trespasses. Finally, the secretary (Laura Clery, of “Disaster Date”) waves them back, an Über-thin model type whose proper name Charity didn’t even know. When she tells them she had “Stephanie” Google something, Max can’t help herself.

Max: “She has the strength to Google? Has she GoogledHow to eat’?”

In the end, Charity refuses, pointing out that she could have at least brought a sampling of her wares, which is true. But it’s clear she still holds a grudge as well. Undeterred, Caroline goes and gets some and returns, once again with Max in tow. This time, they walk right in, blaring right by “Stephanie” and clearly catching Charity off-guard, who has just undergone a face lift, and is not looking too hot.

Max: “Her face is gone! She’s basically the ‘Phantom of the Channing’!”

This time around, thanks to some handy morphine pops (!), which Max naturally swipes one of, Charity’s considerably more pliable and agrees to write the girls a check for the needed amount of $25,000. Alas, she has second thoughts and stops payment on the check, and the girls are out of luck when the real estate agent returns and serves them notice that they really need to take the money if they know what’s good for them under the circumstances. They finally cave, only to have Charity come around to rub their noses in it.

Charity: “You took advantage of someone in a morphine haze.”
Max: “If you think that was being taken advantage of, you’ve never blacked-out at a pep rally.”

Charity does offer one caveat: Caroline’s long-missing seagull cup, which she confessed earlier she took because she hated Caroline, in large part because she usurped her own role as the family princess, and because her brother had a bit of a crush on her. Pity she didn’t stay longer or she might have gotten a crush of her own: courtesy of the car that actually drives into the shop shortly thereafter. As we know, the girls still don’t have insurance- so, by signing the property away, they’ve narrowly avoided another potential setback.

Caroline: “Well, I feel sorry for whoever owns this dump.”

Remarkably, the cup survives the collision, which Caroline was inclined to take as a sign- at least until a ceiling fan crashes down and finally breaks the much-missed family token. Oh well. At least the girls can take comfort in the fact that they can pay off the investors that did lend them money, like Sophie. Although this leaves them with their smallest grand total in many a moon, if not ever: one dollar. Can you say reboot?

Some good lines here and there, including the following:

Caroline, corralling Max after she fails to get that the real estate agent is deaf: “Max, are you blind? She’s deaf!”
Max: “Oh! So cool. I’ve always wanted to be deaf since [Caroline] moved in.”
(The bit about how Max would love to be so rich she could hire someone to do the talking for her was cute, too- although, let’s face it: no one could possibly do Kat Dennings justice.)

I also cracked up when Sophie came in and thought the sign language was someone doing the Vogue dance: “Remember when Madonna was alive? Those were the good old days.” (LOL.)

My favorite, though, was literally the first joke in the entire show, a joke so ribald; they must have sneaked it past the censors because it went by so fast.

Caroline: “Max, look! The mailman came!”
Max: “Where am I looking at? Your hair? Your chest? Gimmee a hint!”

Holy crap, a money shot joke at the beginning of the show! Those “2 Broke Girls,” always so ahead of the curve- you gotta love it. All in all, a decent show, if kind of sad, what with the girls losing the shop and all. Maybe the producers felt the cupcake shop thing wasn’t working the way they’d hoped, or perhaps they simply wanted things to seem more of a struggle, lest they fall prey to “Roseanne”-type issues…remember when she won the lottery? Let’s hope the girls don’t get too big for their britches, although a rich Max might be fun to see.

What did you think of “2 Broke Girls”? Mildly amusing or LOL funny? Will you miss the cupcake shop, or are you glad they got rid of it? Did you get a kick out of Charity? What about the sign language bit? Sound off about it in the comments section!