The Amazing Race Season 22 Review “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

The Amazing Race 2013 Season 22 Episode 2 Loose Lips Sink Ships (6)

It’s the second leg in The Amazing Race and the teams continued their time in French Polynesia. I am starting to suspect that the race’s strategy is to make the first couple episodes as lackluster as possible so that the show only can only get better as the season goes on. The teams first had to choose between two water activities – oyster shucking and picnic table setting. That’s right, the second challenge was wearing a dive helmet and setting a table underwater. This was one of the lamest tasks I’ve seen in the history of the show. The roadblock involved kicking a coconut while walking on stilts. It didn’t seem like this challenge was that hard. Yawn.

The oyster shucking took most teams a good chunk of time because they had to dive down and bring up the shells. They had snorkel masks and fins, though, so that must have made the task a bit easier. The twins wasted an inordinate amount of time arguing about whether they could do the oyster challenge. Did they really think it would be possible to go on The Amazing Race and not have to get into water? After arguing for 45 minutes, they finally started the challenge, but then ended up quitting when it felt too difficult. They went back and did the picnic table challenge and lost valuable time. Ultimately, the twins deserved to be eliminated. They have all these inspirational platitudes like, “Never give up,” but they did exactly that. If you’re giving up on the second leg, there’s no way you are going to make it through the race.

The two teams that took the penalty last week were naturally at each other’s throats as they battled for the last place. What they didn’t anticipate was that other teams’ mistakes would ensure that neither of them landed at the bottom. I can’t fault Winnie and Pamela for getting lost on the jet ski. With my sense of direction, I probably would have been circling the islands right beside them.

Jessica and John still have all the power since they control the second express pass. But, Jessica and John want to rewrite their alliance agreement by saying that if the alliance is discovered – the deal is off. John is insufferable and should know that the more arrogant and sneaky you are, the harder you will fall.

The express pass drama may be moot. Unfortunately for Dave and Connor, Dave suffered an injury as he raced to the pit stop. Connor had been jamming through the tasks, so it was disappointing to think that the race might end for him – in addition to the disappointment Dave would feel. In the preview for next week, it looks like the only way Dave will be able to continue is on crutches – which definitely won’t work under the circumstances.

Hopefully, next week will be a bit more exciting. The teams are heading to one of my favorite places in the world: New Zealand. It is a gorgeous country with every outdoor activity imaginable, so I expect the show to be more creative with the challenges.

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